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    Default The GINGER, an Original Superhero Film

    "He was born with fire, but adopted by evil. The beatings and ridicule DID NOT extinguish his flame, they only ignited the spark that FUELED HIS DESTINY. Finally, one redheaded stepchild BEATS BACK and stands up to become a HERO. THE GINGER... GUARD YOUR SOUL!!!"
    I made this short film to introduce the character for $300. I just filmed by myself at my house and leaned towards comedy but tried to make him look Hollywood. As a side note, my villains are made from bike helmets left over from a bike company my dad started when I was kid but went under in 1992. He started chemo on June 4th, so I think it's kind of cool I used something he created to make something I created. I wanted to make a series of short films with the character with different styles but it's a lot of work.

    The images turned out pretty well for a no money thing.

    2018-08-08-15-37-08.jpg 2018-11-05-12-51-49.jpg
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