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    Yep, they were fun books. The good ol' days of Marvel, how I miss them.

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    I've read it, its not particularly iconic and I recommend reading the first bunch of issues. Maybe to issue 60 or so?

    As far as historical significance - its a good time capsule of the types of themes and characters in play during the 1970s in Marvel comics. As far as story significance - zero worth there. None of them had any long-term impact and the ties any of them have to mainline stories in ASM are minimal. Even when Gwen Stacy died, there was barely a mention in MTU.

    They are just stories that entertain - many are outdated products of their time. but nearly all of them are entertaining. The Claremont issues are definite stand outs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chubistian View Post
    I read most of the Claremont/Byrne stories, they were pretty good. A lot of relevant things happened, but I remember those things being more about the guest character that relevant to Spider-Man himself. For example, there’s a two part story with Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon that ended an important plot that was carried from the recently canceled Iron Fist title.
    One of my favs! MTU had some really good 1-2 part stories. There are a few references in ASM to stuff that happened in MTU. Nothing too important though that I can remember. Still worth a read if you have a chance.

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