hello all,
My name is Lazarus, i am a inspiring(meaning I suck, at least for now) animator and comic enthusiast. I have an I idea for a comic that I'm going to make once I get better drawing skills however it's gonna be heavily action based, and however i love the comic format, i cadnt deny comic's limitation of action in fights. Meaning while yes they can show the fight tgey can't do it in the awesome detail I aspire to create; so my plan is when i make the comic do it in a format that incorporates both comics and animation. I know this has techinicly been done in motion comics, but the thing is I want more of a, well I'm not sure how to put it. But that's why I'm asking what would y'all envision a good format be?
-Pls and thank you
P.s-if you have any question to give better advice just ask and sorry if any thing is mispeled