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    Default Marvel New Dawn - Earth 1404 by Burningbird

    Marvel New Dawn
    Earth 1404 by Burningbird

    I'm a microhero artist from germany. Microheros are a type of pixel-art originated as a art form to recreate your favourite superheroes in pixel form.

    For some years im working on a big project that i call Marvel New Dawn. Its a huge reinterpretation of the Marvel-Universe. Unlike others I do not only redesign one aspect of the Marvel-Universe like for example the X-Men, but plan to do everything: Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four... I have a special intrest in the more obscure and strange characters that are outdated or just silly looking. I think its difficult but when i manage to take a strange character and make him cool again i feel like i accomplished something. Some of you may know that Marvel gives diffrent numbers to its diffrent realities: Mainstream realitiy is Earth-616; Age of Acopalypse Earth-295 for example. My reality is Earth-1404 (N from New beeing the 14th, D from Dawn beeing the 04th letter of the alphabet).

    My creative process is often broken apart by longer time periods of too much to do at work/university and lack of creativity.

    Feel free to leave comments or ask me to do your favourite hero or villian. Im more than open for critics!!

    For starters I will upload my take on a mutant terrorist organisation even more brutal and terroristic than any of the brotherhoods ever was. Let me present you with the:
    Front Homo Superior

    Eric Klebold as Agent X
    ================================================== ============
    Nijo Minamiyori a mutant with improved reflexes and the ability to touch a weapon and learn how to master it in seconds worked as a mercency for Black Swan when his master was attacked by anti mutant movement. When he awoke he didnt remember anything but his skills helped him to get a spot in Deadpools Agency X. Both set themself the goal to become the number one mercenary of the world. Nijo decided to name him after two of his idols Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the shooter of the Columbine Massacre. When Outlaw a former team member of Agency X approched him with the possability to join the Front Homo Superior and kill as many humans as possible Agent X joined in a second to get up his kill count.

    Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle as Copycat
    ================================================== ============
    When Vanessas mutant powers kicked in she recognised she was a shape shifter and changed her apperance to appeal more to the boys at her high school. When her mother recognised the fast changes in her little girl he blaimed her to be a mutant and kicked her out of her house. For a short time she worked as a prostitute who always was what her clients wished for cause she just changed in what they desired. When Dominio visited the brothel Vanessa felt deeply in love and followed her. When Dominio joined the Front Homo Superior, Copycat did not hesitate to follow her aswell. Only the breeding plans of the group were against her beliefs but she still accepted them.

    Caliban Trask as Caliban
    ================================================== ============
    When the mutant hater Bolivar Trask saw his newborn son he recognised the pale greyish skin, sharp theeth and deformed head. He himself had a mutant son! His freakish outer apperance caused his father to name him (or possibly only nickname him) after the grotesque being in William Shakespeare's The Tempest.
    Bolivar tried to learn everything that was to know about mutants to heal his son. After years he came to the conclusion that their was no cure and humankind should fight the mutants. So on his 5th birthday Bolivar went with his son to the harbour planning to shoot him. even if his hate was enomours he couldnt do it so he tied him up and threw him into the dock. While drowning Caliban used his mutant powers for the first time. The ability to track nearby mutants combined with the fight for death helped the nearby morlocks to recognise that there was one of their own in danger.
    Caliban lived a peaceful life with the Morlocks until the mutant massacre. Afterwards he decided that hiding wasnt a option anymore, he joined the Front Homo Superior.

    As you can see I followed a uniform look and some trademark style choices for the members of the FrontHomoSuperior (FHS for short): dark grey-camoflage, a facetattoo (based on the Mutant tattoo from bishops reality - it should they are 100% commited to task) and a headset. More members will follow

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    Okay maybe some more interest in these new three members of the Front Homo Superior

    Alison Blaire as Dazzler in MarvelNewDawn by Burningbird
    ================================================== ============
    The aspiring star Alison Blaire aka Dazzler was famous for her gigs in small indipendt clubs throughout New York. Her mutant powers helped her to combine her amazing voice with even more amazing light effects. The famous gossip blogger Perez Hilton rumoured that her incredible light show wasnt the product of a technical masterpiece but the product of Alisons mutant powers. She denied beeing a mutant but the rumors to a certain point but recognised that it kept her in the tabloids. Soon more and more mutants attended her shows and even if it wasnt 100% confirmed saw her as a idol. A group of anti-mutant extremists used the opportunity and assaulted a concert. Only three young mutants but young human adults died. The press blaimed Dazzler and the mutants for the death of the innocents and sometimes even refered to the three dead mutants as suicide bombers. Alison had to flee and swore revenge. The Front Homo Superior helped her in leaving the country and so she joined their ranks.

    Neena Thurman as Domino in MarvelNewDawn by Burningbird
    ================================================== ============
    Neena Thurmans mother a homeless woman was raped and left in the streets to die. She surived and gave birth to Neena who she tried to get rid of. Neena ended up in the orphanage of Mr Sinister who experimented on her. As a result Neenas skin turned white but it didnt seem that any of the experiments succeded. Mr Sinister didnt recognise this was because Neenas mutant powers worked in favour of her. Neena fleed the orphange when she was 11 and Mr Sinister lost the interest in her.
    She turned her life around and did diverse jobs until she started to train to become an assasin. She started to call herself Domino after the famous female hitman and recognised that most of her human clients ordered her to kill these that were more powerful than themself out of fear.
    when she met Shatterstar from the Front Homo Superior who told her that it was only a matter of time until the weak humans kill the stronger mutants.

    Inez Temple as Outlaw in MarvelNewDawn by Burningbird
    ================================================== ============
    Born in Texas, Inez was bullied by her peers. After her mutant powers manifested, she beat the crap out of everyone who bullied her. Her father began to teach her self control, and her fights began to decrease. Even if she is way calmer nowadays she still loves to get into fights especially with the authorities and therfor called herself Outlaw.
    Inez crossed the path of several members of the Front Homo Superior: She trainend and worked with Agent-X with whom she also had a short relationship; she worked as a bodyguard for Dazzler for a short time but was kicked out when she tried to get sexual favours of mutant groupies; she worked as a bouncer at the brothel that Copycat used to work in; she met Havoc shortly after he was kicked out of the Xmen and started to sleep with him...
    After Domino and Copycat joined the Front Homo Superior they talked about possible canidates and Agent-X also remembered Inez. She was hesitant at first but when she recognised all her former companions and the possabilitie to have sex with several hot mutants she joined in a instant.

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