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    Red face Pitch Me: this picture

    DC and/or Marvel come to with this image

    and they want you to pitch a crossover story that justifies this cover. What's your pitch?
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    Duke's a fine character, you guys are just hungry...or dense..

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    The 2 GLs are doing some diplomatic work between Tameran and a bunch of weirdly unknown alien refugees who turned up recently claiming their planet was destroyed. The Gls Rings respond once the deal is done about an incoming gravitic anomaly. The refugees begin freaking out. Its Galactus, and hes hungry.

    The GLs try to be diplomatic and get pimp slapped for their efforts. Two of the natives say they've waited long enough and throw off their robes revealing themselves to be Quasar and Nova. They, the GLs and Starfire get up to speed on who they are etc and use a complex plan to save Tameran and turn Galactus away with a temporary meal of energy. Just as he's leaving Darkseid arrives.

    Darkseid was doing his usual schtick of researching the universe for the Anti life Equation, he comes across a spatial anomoly that has great similarities and boom tubes it closer to the DCU. He brought the three MU characters here because they all represent elements of Anti-Life he can use. The Nova force as an intelligence that can aid in control, the Cosmic Awareness of the Negabands and Galactus as a being on entropy. Together they may very well be a variant of the ALE. Everyone puts up a good fight including Galactus who manages to equal Darkseid until a boomtube appears leading Darkseid to belive aid is on its way... .

    Except its Lightray, as an Envoy from Highfather. If Darkseid doesnt send these guys back to their own universe asap he'll consider it a break in their treaty and destroy Apokalyps. Darkseid reluctantly agrees and the heroes say goodbye.

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    Darkseid has had enough of New Genesis' interference in his schemes, yet even he dare not directly attack them if he wishes to conserve enough strength to wage the Cosmos-wide campaign of conquest he plans once they are destroyed. Learning of the Great Devourer from DeSaad's spying on Metron's journeys to other realms, he conceives a scheme to lure Galactus to Apokalyps' hated sister-world. Darkseid manipulates The Guardians Of The Galaxy into leading Galactus toward a Boom Tube, which Darkseid is able to extend across realities with the help of Quasar's Quantum Bands.

    The Nova Corps, who routinely monitor Galactus' movements, determine they cannot allow their Universe's Scourge to ravage a completely unprepared reality, and pursue Galactus. They emerge near Vega, where the visiting Starfire agrees to act as their guide, but are unfortunately mistaken for Galactus' supporting army by The Green Lantern Corps.

    Multi-faceted mayhem ensues.

    Convinced by the Silver Surfer that Galactus plays a pivotal role in his home Cosmos' destiny, Highfather dispatches an envoy to explain the matter that he knows The Oans will trust: Lightray. Meanwhile, The Surfer convinces Quasar of the way in which The Guardians Of The Galaxy have been duped.

    Galactus' attention, however, has been drawn to something he believes might eternally still his hunger: The Source Wall. Finally cooperating, all parties wage a desperate fight to keep Galactus from his target, and fail. The last obstacle in his path is Darkseid, and their struggle causes the Source Wall to explode!

    Galactus is thrown back into his home Cosmos, so sated by the energy he absorbs that he enters a comatose state, slowly orbiting his enormous world-ship. The heroes recover from the titanic blast to discover that The Source Wall has reconstructed itself, but now featuring one Promethean larger than all the rest enbedded in its surface: Darkseid.

    The Source, Highfather explains is beyond any imagining, vastly beyond even Galactus, and it's power cannot be drained away, nor can it be destroyed. It has merely entered a new era of its existence, replenishing any power it lost by absorbing Darkseid.

    The heroes' giddy celebration does not last long: prophecy has not yet been fulfilled, Highfather observes. Darkseid has been so trapped before, and this is not the way in which he fated to end, so it is only a matter of time before he escapes this cage. Just as, Highfather darkly speculates, it is only a matter of time before Galactus consumes the power he has absorbed, and his hunger awakens him again.

    Nova Prime Richard Rider rages, "Then what was the point of all this?" The Guardians of Oa answer that such is not something to be known by such as even they, much less by the assembled (and exhausted) heroes. Such beings as Darkseid and Galactus are beyond them, central actors in a vast drama, in which heroes such as they can only play their bit roles with all the courage they can muster.

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    Unexpected street level buddy cop comedy.

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