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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Diamond View Post
    Respect for law enforcement, loving science, loving comic books, and being tardy aren't personality traits. They just sound like descriptions of what a person likes.

    He's nice and friendly but so is Superman.

    There was the story where he broke Professor Zoom's (don't like him either) neck but then it started that whole trial and that just dragged on. I can only imagine what it was like for someone reading it when it first happened.

    I think with Hal it's due to the Superfriends much like Aquaman. He didn't do much in that show and that's the version most people have seen. In the comics he was more lively at least. Didn't care for Johns's take on him though. Much like with his take on Aquaman, it came off like he overreacted to the fans who didn't like either character and in trying to show "see this is why these characters matter" he ends up proving said critics right.

    I've never seen Attack on Titan so can't comment on how the characters but from what I've heard being in the middle of war while being attacked by beings you can barely comprehend is going to fuck with your emotions. The angst would be reasonable in that case but maybe it's like a lot of anime these days where each character is some sort of cliche.
    Don't know about that. His take on Aquaman actually seems to have won more people over than not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handsome men don't lose fights View Post
    Everything Chris Claremont has ever written. Dude's a skeevy perv with a leather fetish whose tastes skew young. Colossus and Kitty's entire relationship is a disturbing endorsement of wife husbandry. I'm really sick of people trashing Joss Whedon while upholding Claremont as the uber-example of how a man should write women. Write them as what? Mentally disturbed bondage dolls who have to constantly overthrow their kinky oppressors with panel's denoting extreme close-ups of their sweating faces, gritted teeth, and orgasmic expressions as they exaltantly turn the tables on their enemies by being waaaaay freakier than them? Seriously, read Claremont's comics, the guy never created a woman character that he couldn't find a way to stick a dog collar on.
    Actually, Claremont has done the underage and bondage thing with guys as well. If he is a skeevy perv he is an equal opportunity one then. Betsy with an underage Doug Ramsey. Lila with an underage Sam Guthrie. Callisto capturing Angel and dispaying him naked and handcuffed on their "wedding night." Brian Braddock naked on a spiked collar and chain and bondage gear and a pet to the Meggan turned Goblin Princess, not to mention that German guy Selene brainwashed and kept on a leesh as well.

    Claremont brought this years later to Jim Lee's Wildcats as well with Emp and Zealot. For gosh sakes he only did Wildcats for a few issues and he managed to squeeze this in with two of its characters. I actually sighed when this happened and said, "Yeah, he's at it again..." Despite some of Claremont's problematic ideas I enjoyed his X-Men work for the most part.
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