My new graphic novel project is called "Lifeline" and I am launching the Kickstarter campaign for the book December 1st. Here's the synopsis:

“One heart. One life.

Told from the perspective of those around him, enter the story of a man as he struggles through the decades to do what all of us must – simply live. Nandor Fox Shaffer (SEASONS) presents Lifeline, a collaborative graphic novel project with seven uniquely skillful artists with ranging styles from around the world to tell a captivating tale of family, legacy, and reflection.

We only have one life. How will you live it?”

Lifeline came about after realizing how much comics, especially in the indie scene, is about community. We’re all artists striving for that same goal: to reach people with our art. Because making comics is such a collaborative process in its most basic form, I had a strong desire to bring together talented indie comic book artists from all over the planet to tell a special story of mine. Fortunately, seven of my favorite artists in the business agreed to be a part of this experiment and every single one of them is bringing their A-game to this book.

Throughout November, I’m going to be revealing each artist who has contributed to Lifeline and sharing some of their art from the book, leading up to the Kickstarter campaign. First up is Patrick Buermeyer, who is the cover artist of Lifeline and will be drawing pages set in the present day.
I hope you’ll join all of us December 1st when the campaign launches.

We need projects like these to be made. Thanks for all your support!

- Nandor Fox Shaffer