Ok let's give this democracy thing another whirl this week, vote for a comic you like!

Here's some of the highlights of this week: Eclipse finishes its storyline and looks to be going on hiatus for about 3 months, same goes for Farmhand, Blackbird is already reprinting its first issue, and Spawn looks like it's building towards being a team book now - with Spawn enlisting help of all his former enemies haha.

There's a boatload of new stuff out this week too:
1. Auntie Agatha's Home for Wayward Rabbits marks the return of Keith Giffen to creator-owned books. It's about a lady called Agatha running an orphanage for rabbits and her struggle to keep it open in the face of a rich businessman aiming to take it down. Sounds like a Wall Street statue in the making to me.

2. Mirenda is a jungle themed story which partially ran in Island Magazine a year or two ago. Grim Wilkins has finished it now, this one might be interesting for people who like Moebius and such artists.

3. Norroway Book One: Black Bull of Norroway is the first graphic novel in a planned series, written & drawn by two siblings! It's about a girl going on an adventure with an anthropomorphised (save me, spellcheck!) bull. For some reason this is giving me pirate vibes, although that's based on absolutely nothing.

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