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    Quote Originally Posted by LordUltimus View Post
    Start out as home grown, but he can upgrade it over the years.
    This is how I feel. I feel like his tech should represent Humanity's potential for technology and their innovation and other tech can be added and adapted by Vic as time goes by.

    Alien tech wouldn't make him less susceptible to the old fallback of getting ripped apart and hacked. A good writer can only do that. He's already a Mother Box and, supposedly, other alien tech and he's still being undersold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonpeace View Post
    That's kind of a moot point because it goes both ways; the difference being frequency. it's a very common trope for writers to present alien tech as being vastly superior to human tech and rarely the other way around unless it serves the story. Hell it's pretty common that even the greatest "human" tech usually end up having some kind of alien origin or component: Lex's apokolipian suit or Cyborg himself currently. I think his tech being alien or at least partially alien decreases the chances of him being dunked on every time a new alien with technology of significance moreso than if he was entirely composed of human technology. I never said it'd make him indestructible or unhackable (we've seen cyborg get slapped around by Murder Machine and Red Lion) but it makes him being busted up less likely from a narrative standpoint.
    Seems to me we've had way more scenes of him getting busted up post-Flashpoint. If it decreased the chance of him being torn apart, it wasn't reflected in the comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Gordon View Post
    A mixture of his dad's work at Star Labs and intervention from a Mother Box.

    Perfect balance.

    I really, really, really like the Fourth World upgrades Vic got in the New52. I think it adds a lot to the guy (or could, if DC could pull their heads out of their asses and utilize him right!). Not only is it enough raw power to put Vic on the same level as Clark, Diana, and Hal, (making Vic one of the most powerful beings in the universe) but it opens up a whole new world of story potential for him.

    Some characters *should* use nothing but homegrown human technology. Batman, Starman, etc. But I think Vic benefits from having god tech in his systems, and that extra layer of "fantastical" helps ensure that Cyborg remains unique and on the cutting edge of a field that is becoming more mundane and commonplace with each passing year as wearable technology and artificial smart limbs become more a regular part of our world.
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    "Yes" to Cyborg always being on the cutting edge of technology. Again, advance the concept.

    In a world where we see Iron Man do the amazing things he can do, having Vic do so little is a failure. His skill set alone should be out of this world.

    He is not a stand in for the disabled. He does not need to maintain some outdated handicap. Green Lantern no longer has a weakness for yellow. Superman no longer just leaps. He flies now in addition to a host of new abilities. Cyborg should no longer have to be a full-time robot. Nor a hologram.

    Nanotech. Nanotech. Nanotech. No reason he shouldn't be a full-fledge human who morphs at will. Advance the concept!

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    Definitely towards the alien tech wise. In the DC universe, it's mostly alien tech and capabilities that remain supreme. From the strongest individuals being aliens, to the most technologically advanced being aliens, it allows the story to make more sense for Cyborg to be greater if he has alien tech. With human tech, people would give excuses for him being able to be cracked at a moments notice. But with possessing alien tech, it allows those who have constructive criticism regarding Cyborg's treatment to have a greater leg to stand on.

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