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    Default Dangling, Nagging General X-Questions (spoilers for all current X-Books)

    I don't even know where to start looking for these answers in all of the maybe someone can help me out here.

    1. Does it seem Jean Grey's resurrection is too matter-of-fact? Did I miss an issue where her closest friends are properly freaked out and/or emotional about her return?

    2. If you read the failed Kitty/Colossus wedding issues, did we see the regular aged Wolverine looking down on the festivities and giving his blessing, or something? Because The Return of Wolverine has him completely confused as to who he is and his past (again).

    3. Will we see the Uncanny story unfold before we see what happens to the Original 5? It seems Uncanny is launching (very excited for that), before they resolve eXtermination (and likely the original 5's fate)

    4. What X-Books will continue after Uncanny launches? Has there been announcements re: what books continue, and any other new books (other than Uncanny)?

    5. What exactly happened to the Professor X/Fantomex character? Where is that guy now?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    1. Jean's resurrection was dealt with in Phoenix Resurrection. It was a rather decompressed event & hasn't been a big deal after that.
    2. Wolverine's return is all over the place. We don't know what relevance his random appearances will have, and if they were even really him.

    3. EXtermination 5 was delayed which put it off schedule.

    4. All the current books were axed. Besides Age of X-Man, nothing else has been announced. Jordan D. White says there's big stuff coming that it's too soon to even tease.

    5. Professor Fantom is in limbo for the moment. Unknown where he'll pop up next.

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    1. There was a little bit more in the Red Annual, but the x-people don't get worked up much about resurrections anymore.
    2. Nobody knows what's up with Wolverine, probably why gold only had that one panel.
    3. Extermination was delayed, though Uncanny might not even mention the 05, so it wouldn't matter.
    4. No offically word yet on what is continuing or not, but I think Domino and mr and Mrs X have solits for past Uncanny's Disassembled arc. Astonishing, Red and Weapon X seem to ending, but could get incorporated into the next wave. There is a new X-force book starting up.
    5. The unholy amalgamation on fanto and Xavier was last seen in the Astonishing annual. He is currently in limbo, may he stay there for all time.

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    Yeah, Astonishing, Red, and Weapon X are cancelled, Domino, X-23, and Mr and Mrs X will continue, Old Man Logan has been replaced by a 12 issue series called Dead Man Logan, and X-Force launches next month (on Boxing Day).

    The recap page for Uncanny X-Men #1 only mentioned the basic premises of X-Men Gold and Red, saying that Kitty was leader of the X-Men and was later joined by Jean who has her own team. Blue was ignored, so presumably the O5 aren't relevant.

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