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    But getting close to the sun is not the same thing as actually glowing gold or whatever as in Our Worlds at War, otherwise he wouldn't have to enter the sun in the first place for that power boost.

    The few times that he has actually entered the sun seemed to have resulted in huge power upsurges, sometimes accompanied by actually glowing gold for a while like Supes 1 million
    Superman Prime 1 million didn't just have the glow ala Bruce Leeroy, he was an actual solid golden man who had been living in the sun with rare interruption for over 10,000 years. It's not something that can be compared with/used for justification of OWAW. If anything, again, it underscores that the guy had by comparison had to live in the sun for 10,000 years and achieve some completely different state of existence to become that beyond cosmically powerful.

    I feel like pointing out that's not consistent with surfers levels at the time, or even that restoring all the flora on a planet is not the same thing as moon busting but I just love that story so much I hate to take anything away from it
    Considering the difference between a moon and a planet, and that Zenn La was otherwise a barren rock, and that the Surfer again, only used the quickest flare of his power to do so...

    Also the Surfer's solo series started in 1987. All sorts of crazy crap started happening functionally right out of the gate with it.

    Also it fits just fine into an overall look at him would be my point.

    Don't get me wrong like Surfers solo title after that was excellent and infinity and annihilation and all were cool and stuff but that story feels like the last of a bygone era- a pining lost Surfer, trapped on earth still, mephisto trying to break him but his love for Shalla Baal as pure as when he was Norrin but he has to let her go every time.... just classic stuff
    Oh, it's one of the most character defining comics that has ever been put out for that character really.

    Doesn't nu52 Superman also have a feat of surviving Kryptonite being literally in his brain, while a tesseract is trying to open in his brain or something? From the Morrison Action Comics run, Legion of Superheroes were involved, I'm sure. Post Crisis/nu52 Superman has a decent history of holding out against Kryptonite.
    Post Crisis and nu Supes aren't interchangeable. When someone notes "post crisis", he doesn't get all of nu's performances, considering they hadn't even happened yet and that was a separated incarnation of the guy when they did. It's Rebirth era onwards Supes that can be noted as Nu's power fused with with Post Crisis' personality/mind/not being a d-bag-ness.

    As for the red sun, kryptonite power loss thing from IC, I'm not sure it was ever definitively stated that it took his powers away. Yes, he didn't have his powers after that event, but the following Superman story showed there was, at least to some degree, a psychological component to his power loss, with him eventually getting psychologically "nudged" into allowing his full powers to come back.

    It did a number on his powers at the nearly immediate time is my point. That there was a psychological issue to his recovery of them isn't really here nor there.

    So given opportunity I think Surfer can win, but it sounds like with speed equalized sun dipped Supes may be too much to allow such an opportunity.

    It's a sundipped Zod, the thread is kind of seeming to get away from people in what they're trying to argue. To note. I have said that with speed equalized, team should be able to keep the Surfer from being able to focus for esoterica via sheer onslaught of attacks on him and take him out that way.

    I am noting all the same that, the Surfer could otherwise weakness exploit fine if he had the opportunity, that it would be effective to do so as far as what he's capable of (particularly for anyone not rocking ring based auto defenses), and the capacity of his internal energies as far as noting what should overwhelm them.
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