So, today, every soldier was sent home to his or her family. Every WMD was thrown in the bin and disposed of properly. Every air force was grounded, and all the combat aircraft earmarked to be broken down and the materials sent to the civilian sector!


There has been a GLOBAL COUP, and at its head, the CEO of Dainippon Bank... Katahara Metsudo!

Hell, even the UN was usurped, and its HQ given the "Metsu" brand to denote that it is now a VIP-only area for Association members!

It looks like there will be no more war.

BUT, in its place, every country and corporation will come to conflict using Kengan Rules. That is, every Corporation can have ONE affiliated fighter, and ONE reserve. However a recognized Nation-state can have up to ONE affiliated fighter, but TWO reserves.

In order to have a say, smaller groups will have to achieve Kengan Association membership. Or else, if they act on their own, they will face the wrath of the Kure Clan and its assassins(Old Man Erioh made an example of ISIS, and exterminated an entire region with hand to hand combat to prove his point...)

Needless to say, every world leader said "yes" to Metsudo's terms afterwards(who the hell would want to be killed by Kure Raian, anyway?!)

Will our world be worse, or improved?