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Thread: Sakura vs Kano

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    Default Sakura vs Kano

    Sakura Kasugano From Street Fighter Takes on Kano From Mortal Kombat.



    1-Bloodlust is on.

    2-Winner by ko or death.

    3-Start 500 feet away from each other.

    4-Fight takes place in New York City.

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    Kano is considered a butt monkey (guy who gets beaten down and never actually dies.)

    Sakura on the other hand is a damn fighting Produgy who learned Ryus stuff, by observing.

    And do not give Death battle bs of MK being stronger. In 5s story mode Chun Li and Karin ( Sakuras version of Ken.)

    Well those two busted down blast proof doors. Which is ***+ing more insane than test your might punching a statue of diamond.

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    yup. in the new timeline, kano hasn't really done anything of note, besides getting his shit pushed in.

    what few feats sakura has puts her way above kano's paygrade.

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    Well for Sakura:

    - In 5 it reveals the true hitting power of the fighters as Chun Lu and Karin smashed open bomb proof metal doors with their damned physical strikes.

    - Super fighting prodigy who can learn new shit just by observing and practice.

    - Is naive enough to hang out with Dan and Blanka thinking their cool, kicks their as all the time. ( Kano is basically MK Dan. Hence this comparison.)

    - In the Alpha series official plot it was revealed that...

    Bison at end had Ryu in a mind washed state. To fight Evil mind washed Ryu and Bison the team was.

    Sakura, Ken, Sagat, Chun Li, And Charlie. ( I think that’s line up. Could be more.)

    And they won. Of course. Though this could be written off as power of friendship as Sakura and Ken managed to reach out to blood thirsty Ryu. ( Given in Alpha 2. Ryu impresses Aluma And Akuma rewarded his fighting potential by one punching the island they were fighting on.)

    Kano? Besides the confirmed kill of Sonya’s ex partner. Has done nothing meaningful in plot. Other than his ass getting kicked.

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