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    Quote Originally Posted by kjn View Post
    (1) Megalodons aren't mythical, nor sentient. (2) The megalodons are mostly present in Simone's take and LoWW, IIRC. (3) They are around Themyscira, not on the island

    ETA: nor sentient
    Agreed for the most part.

    However? The megs clearly were sentient. When Themiscyra came under attack, the megs fought to defend it. One of Hipollyta's guards reported to her that the megs "said" they would fight to the end for the Amazons.

    This Amazon wasn't Diana, so it couldn't be her animal communication power at work. Somehow the megs could communicate with the Amazons in a way they could understand. Also? They continued to fight even as they were being slaughtered. Animals don't do that. Sooner or later their survival instincts kick in and they retreat. Animals only really fight to the death if they're cornered and have nothing left to lose.
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    I think the same for women they are going to go home. That their island is to violent for strangers to be on. The only way to make sure any foreigner to be same is the other islands around them, They heal them then send them on their way.
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