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So I was in my LCS a couple days ago, saw these covers without reading the title and immediately thought this was a badass new costume for Wonder Woman:

Turned out, upon second glance, that it is a new series by Dynamite Comics about Dejah Thoris, a character from that old direct predecessor of Superman, John Carter of Mars.

Overall, they're clearly trying to give Dejah some of Diana's look (well, mixed with She-Ra and Xena). I'm not a fan of the bare belly nor the boots, but the rest of this particular look ... definitely gives me some ideas for Diana.
Thats actually a lot more clothing then usual for Dejah who's usual attire is a bikini bottom and an alternating chainmail bra or nipple covers. It makes some sense in context when Barsoom (Mars) is regarded as tropically hot on 90% of the planet and guys usually wear about the same.