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    Quote Originally Posted by JBatmanFan05 View Post
    I am so excited for Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 3, that I could almost cry. It's truly great to see DC (way more) properly collect Post-Crisis Batman.
    I hear you man. I've got both volumes so far of "Batman The Dark Knight Detective" and "Batman: The Caped Crusader" and there is nothing more lovely for me than to be reading through them and suddenly stumble across a story I remember from when I was a kid! I'm the DC Post Crisis Generation and these books are a real treat - much like The "Superman: The Man Of Steel" trades from Byrne's post crisis run.

    Really stirs me up! In a good way! I can't believe they've waited this long to release these in all honesty. I've been wanting them for years!
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    I want a black-and-white Neal Adams Complete Omnibus, even though I probably couldn't lift it.

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    I need a high contrast Neal Adams Complete Omnibus, despite the fact that I most likely couldn't lift it.

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