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    Quote Originally Posted by AmiMizuno View Post
    I wonder. If we wanted to make her a larger threat why not have her look a bit deeper into the mythical side. For example she finds a dangerous plant or something else. It’s something that can she can use against Diana. Since she is a drug company. Couldn’t she use something that can help more people but if she needs to it can also kill or slower tortures people close to Diana
    Its not only threat level thats an issue. Though goodness knows trying to come up with something that wont make her come off as a weaker knockoff of bigger Wondy villains like Doctor Poison is no small task.
    Motivation is also a big deal. Her original motive boiled down to 'Damnit. Im sick of everyone talking about Wonder Woman because shes trending! Im going to be evil now and try to destroy her life so people stop talking about her!' No desire to be in the spotlight herself. No envy for Wonder Woman or her powers. Just simply a hatred of hearing people talking about her all the time. By that logic she would probably react the same way if Oprah started trending or Shia Labouf.

    The rebirth origin gave her a better motivation with the whole lost daughter thing, resolving with Hippolyta declaring that she would take care of Cales daughter who could not return to the mortal realm. But with a resolution like that, how do you motivate her to do anything? Heck, theres nothing really to establish her as even disliking Wonder Woman anymore.

    That said, what happened with Ares most recently raises some interesting questions of what happened to Cales daughter, but thats all we have really

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    I actually liked the original Veronica Cale in Rucka's first run a bit better. Hatred is often rooted in fear, and the first Cale run had a successful and talented Cale, who had succeeded in a despite everything that the system could throw against her. But she took that as evidence that the system worked, and became a firm defender of it, and viewed Diana's rejection of that same system as an attack against her.

    To me, the Cale that Rucka originally constructed felt like an expy for women like Margaret Thatcher or Ann Coulter. The Cale in his second run didn't feel as interesting.

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    Maybe a mix of the two? I mean there have been situations where people have gotten sympathy due to having children. I'm not saying anything bad just like the lowest of the lowest jobs. So would it be interesting to have a questionable relationship of mother and daughter with Cale instead?
    Please sign this so we can at least show DC we want Legend of Wonder Woman part 2.

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