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    Not a regular thing but, if I was with my parents in the department store, I could convince them to buy me the comics there--however, unlike the drugstore, the department store always had the comics in "comic pacs." These usually had three or four comics per plastic pack. This meant you knew what two of the comics were (the ones facing out) but not the ones in the middle. It was a gamble, but since my parents were paying I was gambling with the house's money.

    Ad for a Comicpac featuring SUPERMAN 158 (January 1963). Note that these ones told you exactly what was in the pack--not so by the time I was buying them.

    Super Pac containing DETECTIVE COMICS 417 (November 1971) and another comic.

    Super Pac containing THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 106 (March-April 1973) and two others.

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