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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Milton View Post
    X-23, Laura Kinney. Has jumped off of a building to avoid conversation.

    Tempus, Time Manipulation. DO NOT tell her how your parents met.
    These and Schrodinger's X-Man had me going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disciple of Redd View Post
    Storm -- Ororo Munroe: Too good for you but won't say it. Will strike you down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoop Dogg View Post
    Cyclops -- Cannot hold a ham sandwich in his visor. Poor design.

    Angel -- Not David Boreanaz. I'm disappointed, too.

    Bishop -- Future star of the Kindergarten Cop reboot.

    Warlock -- The living Y2K that walks.

    X-Man -- Stop it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ambaryerno View Post

    Glob Herman -- Bargain-basement Rockslide.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Milton View Post
    Iceman, Chryokinesis. 13 going on 30. 90% dad jokes.
    I'd reverse this guy here to 30 going on 13. ha ha.

    Kitty Pryde, Intangibility. Waiting for her turn to talk.

    Northstar, Superspeed and Flight. Is just barely tolerating you.

    Shatterstar. Mojoworld Warrior. Violence IS the answer.

    M, All the Powers. Doesn’t know your name.
    Quote Originally Posted by ohsnapulon5000 View Post
    Dazzler: sound into light. No she doesn't want your number. Yes she's doing splits on a sentinel.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dementia5 View Post
    Forge: Already has three of those. Doesn’t matter what.
    Y'all are giving me life this morning. These are all truly amazing.

    My contributions(?)....

    Magik: Teleports. Inclined to stab. Puberty was Hell.
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    Storm: Mistress of the elements. Too good for this shit.
    Let the flames destroy all but that which is pure and true!

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    Rachel: Telekinetic/Telepath. Misses her mom.
    Jean Grey: Telekinetic/Telepath. Doesn't know her.

    Emma Frost: Telepath/Can turn diamond. Her own best friend.

    Rogue: absorbs memories/powers from physical contact/Fav. song "Can't touch this"
    Gambit: Charges object to make them explode/Wants to touch that.

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