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  • X23 (aka New Wolverine)

    21 15.67%
  • Colossus

    7 5.22%
  • Iceman

    12 8.96%
  • Domino

    4 2.99%
  • Kitty Pryde

    72 53.73%
  • Sabretooth

    13 9.70%
  • Old Man Logan

    43 32.09%
  • Havok

    7 5.22%
  • Beast

    22 16.42%
  • X (the reborn Xavier)

    22 16.42%
  • Jean Grey

    15 11.19%
  • Magneto

    9 6.72%
  • Honey Badger

    41 30.60%
  • Glob Herman

    39 29.10%
  • Other (name in thread)

    14 10.45%
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiamondQueen View Post
    All the Wolvie clones...but most of all I would say Mystique. they have tried to shoehorn her into an X-team over and over again. She works better as an independent agent.
    And better as a villain who loses from time to time. You got some villains that have been demoted & treated as Villain of the Week level jokes. And Mystique, due to movie popularity, does whatever she pleases & makes fools out of everyone she comes in contact with. 90's Mystique was better. She had her wins & loses, and she usually dealt with cautiously.

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    I’m currently reading the Blue/Gold/Weapon X etc. era right now, and the correct answer is Guggenheim. Jesus, his stuff is difficult to get through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowcat View Post
    I’m currently reading the Blue/Gold/Weapon X etc. era right now, and the correct answer is Guggenheim. Jesus, his stuff is difficult to get through.
    well he's long gone so that would be the incorrect answer

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    Googum's not gone, he's just doing what he's been doing. Working on TV shows. Which is what he was still doing when the X-Office thought it would be a good idea to give him a flagship X-Book with all of the biggest characters. Because there's no reason that should be anyone's creative priority, right?

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    Probably, Kitty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    What you've described seems more in line with indie takes on superheroes. I enjoy those, too, but in addition to my regular superhero fare.
    I like that Cyclops avatar you're using. It looks like sorta...well, like something that supports the very idea that in X-Books the best heroes are at their most heroic when they are broken or breaking...not okay, in an awesome way.

    I disagree with what you say about the lines you've prescribed for what I've described, I don't really love any "Indie" titles as much as the X-Men. It's fine that you make distinctions between what is or isn't this or that...but for me, all comic books are Indie...they are subversive and fringe and outsider art - comic books are incredibly dependent upon personal connection and intimacy, ephemera by nature, comics catalyze audience projection.

    To me, the Cure has always been and will always be danceable and sad.

    Is Saga still 'indie'?

    Saga actually is taking a year long break. Even Saga is sick of war and violence. At least for now.

    And is this a superhero comic?


    note: cargo pants...

    *And most important YES, obviously, it's me who should give this a break. Kinda getting a bit too 'super' in MY stuff. That's not really my intent.

    I mean, how do you feel about there being an indie or mutant gene in the X-Books that more or less is exactly what makes it separate and different than other 'mainstream' comics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dementia5 View Post
    Because he’s already been taking a break. Or rather a nap.

    Dead. He’s been dead.
    I wish he keeps resting in peace

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