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    I could be mistaken, but the gang war stuff seemed to have been the brain child of Tom DeFalco. The whole "Ned Leeds is the Hobgoblin" debacle. And perhaps Priest had the first reference to that in the one-shot? I need to dig it up and read it again!
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    This is a good point. Maybe in Ennis' case it was disrespect towards the character, hard to say. In the original Conway stories, the Punisher did the same thing all the time, though. Christopher Priest manipulated/mistreated Spidey in a big way in his famous one-shot, even going to the lengths of having him kill someone.
    Jim Owsley/Christopher Priest did it as sort of showing some hardships that a superhero can face, the way Stan Lee directed a bazooka back at one of Red Skull's henchmen in Algeria.
    Another writer who made a similar punch like the one that killed Logan's spy friend is Tom Defalco, who most of us recognize as someone who likes the characters, except the punch he wrote was not a fatal one.

    In confederacy of dunces, Ennis wrote Spider-Man as a fool, but did not mistreat him the way he mistreated Wolverine. Daredevil was the only one well handled.

    Looks like there aren't many writers who don't think highly of Spider-Man.
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