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    Quote Originally Posted by kcekada View Post
    There were a lot of things I disliked about this run - especially the tedious 9-panel grid and Keith's art style at the time. Overall, the run makes for an interesting story -- even if I hate most of the things Keith did to the characters. Oh, and Kono always annoyed me.
    The 9-panel grid didn't bother me too much unless it was the same picture shown repeatedly over and over - which is something he did frequently. But I did not care for his art style at this point.

    As for the characters, I was also disappointed that he brought all these new characters in and ignored so many classic Legionnaires. I remember seeing this poster (in issue #12 or 13, I believe) and realizing for the first time that they had no intention of rebuilding the entire Legion, just about ten former members and a slew of uninteresting new ones.

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    Kinda liked but mostly hated this era of the Legion.

    Totally lost me with the clone stuff.

    Pretty much never read the Legion regularly again until Levitz came back before the N52.
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