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  • Keep it CAPTAIN MARVEL in stories even if you can't use it to advertise the character!

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  • I'm OK with calling him SHAZAM!

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  • Come up with another name that can be trademarked, but Billy should NOT be Shazam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gicho View Post
    Yes I agree, although Santucci's art is fantastic (wish we could keep Eaglsham as the regular) , to many splash-pages made it feel to short, and that the backup story was a Wonder Twins insert, instead of an extended Shazamily story, also made it feel short in content.
    Still lots of great set up with the realms, Billy's "father" and intriguing plot with Sivana and Mr. Mind so far.
    The way you phrased it makes it look like you think hes a fake.

    ...not that I disagree. I happen to remember this happening before in Spider-Man. Twice. spoilers:
    Time number 1 was robots, time number 2 was clones.
    end of spoilers

    I hope he's settled into seeing her that way, cause at first it was ok, but to see him keep fawning over what's essentially become his sister, gets annoying.
    I agree. While I ship pre-New 52 Freddy/Mary, its weird for the Post-New 52.
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