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  • Keep it CAPTAIN MARVEL in stories even if you can't use it to advertise the character!

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  • Come up with another name that can be trademarked, but Billy should NOT be Shazam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dataweaver View Post

    There are a couple of cosmetic matters to address. First, they restored the original appearance of the wizard. IIRC, his N52 version was some sort of Australian Aborigine type rather than the Gandalf archetype that he had always been; and while I didn’t have (much of) a problem with the change, I’m glad to see the original look restored.

    This is incorrect.
    The wizard is still the Australian aboriginal type from new52.
    They did not change his race back to white.
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    Keep it CAPTAIN MARVEL in stories even if you can't use it to advertise the character!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dataweaver View Post
    Second, Freddy: while I understand the need to diversify appearances a bit more and I normally wouldn’t mind the recasting, I really wish Freddy was still the dark-haired kid from the original Captain Marvel — in particular, I wish that his superhero form looked a bit like an Elvis impersonator. Why? Because Elvis’ iconic sideburns look was something he copied from one of his favorite comic book characters, Freddy Freeman. That was the reason why, when Alex Ross added him to Kingdom Come, he made sure to give him the iconic Elvis look and even went so far as to call him “King Marvel”.

    Which brings me to the names. I love the fact that the book highlights the problem of naming the characters using the magic word that causes them to transform; so first and foremost, they should not use “Shazam” in their codenames, or in their team name. Yes, Billy, “Captain Marvel” is a perfectly good name, and (OOC) one that you’ve got dibs on. Reclaim it! The “blunder” by one of her siblings of calling Mary “Mary” in public sets her up nicely to be called “Mary Marvel” — if that’s what they’re setting her up for, please and thank you. I mentioned before Alex Ross’ “King Marvel”; I don’t see that actually happening here due to the changes in Freddy’s appearance, but I’d love it if it were to happen. As for the new kids, I wouldn’t mind seeing names like “Captain Thunder” crop up among them — though maybe that would be better for Freddy, as his share of the Shazam name seems to be leaning heavily on the Power of Zeus (i.e., thunderbolts).
    Actually, Freddy already referred to himself as King Shazam in the original JL backups, despite no longer looking like Elvis!

    The other three could be colour Marvel if they go with the Marvel codenames for Billy and Mary, but Marvel Comics have a Blue Marvel so Freddy can't have that name, and his original name Captain Marvel Junior doesn't make sense when he's not younger than the others (if anyone is Junior it'd be Darla, as she's the youngest). Before New 52 rebooted him, Freddy was called CM3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxmcco View Post
    Morrison's take on Shazam was Thunderworld and it was spectacular.
    That's the kind of Captain Marvel series I'd like to read.
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