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    Default Marvel Game Universe

    So with the successes of the new Spiderman game, and Marvel's need to somehow tie into the MCU does anyone see Marvel trying to make a game universe. Basically have a bunch of games that are set in the same universe but maybe have different game studios working on them so some story elements might crossover or having one of these games give bonus content and rewards. After all it is not unkown for this to happen I remember Jak and Daxter having their stuff in Ratchet and Clank as well vice versa, so I am guessing the only real limitation would be the studio needs to be a multisystem or Sony exclusive with most likely all games being on PS4 and its later models.

    So does anyone see this happening, and if yes what game and by what studio could you see? Leave game, studio, why, and plot.

    Game: Eternals

    Studio: Bethesda

    Why: The Eternals are able to choose how they want to specialize their cosmic energy, this gives them a very RPG feel if transferred to a game.

    Plot: I would have it sort of take place after the Eternals Max series where it is discovered a bunch of Eternals lost their memories, you have yours awakened and set off trying to find more of your people along the way you can help other super teams and groups even becoming members of them.

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    I figure an Iron man game would be a logical next step because of how much it offers in terms of gameplay variety. Given that the suit could offer high customization and villains could potentially adapt to tactics we could see an improvement on the gadget combat.

    Iron man could have a "weapon wheel" similar to Spider-man but the beauty of it comes out in how the player upgrades and modifies the existing tool. Like repulsors that can fire faster and have some knockback but aren't as damaging. Creating variations on weapons and how the enemy responds to the player possibly even altering how enemies even spawn. The enemy can then have general counters for things Iron man uses, and they have to have Iron man constantly mix things up and have a constantly changing build.

    A weakness in Spider-man PS4 is that combat can get ridiculously easy if you have the right build (which is probably why they decided to muck up the combat instead of fixing it in the DLC but I digress. Constantly tweaking in response to the player can allow the player to see different applications of gadgets as a norm instead of doing something like a dumbass and forcing it on the player in regards to arbitrary challenges.

    What's more is that the customization could offer unique looks for Iron man and keep the player invested by getting personally involved with how Iron man's parts look and how it functions. Like Iron man getting an extendable arm to reach further enemies or forgoing that to utilize a repulsor ability that pulls enemies towards the player and or perform knockbacks. Such changes would be visual in some cases which for the player makes the experience more personal. Similarly to how looter shooters work with the appeal of getting new gear which alters the player's powers and visual but also in this case offering a wardrobe (Hall of armors) for looks and loadouts the player likes.

    It can even extend to multiplayer with War Machine or the Iron man drones which could share similar if not identical customization and possibly some multiplayer support. There is even a comics basis for that in the E-scape in Slott's run.
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