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Those two points have already been contradicted in Elseworlds. The Kate there was confident, flirty, had a dry sense of humor, was emotionally open with those she liked (in that case, Kara), and did not abide foolishness, perceived or otherwise. All those are true of comic!Kate, even if they're not the full picture, and hardly.
Well no. That's how Kate was written. It's not how she was played. But like I said, you're seeing something a lot of people aren't. And to be fair, I'm sure a lot of people are too, it's all subjective in the end.

The thing is, I don't consider myself an acting snob. I've been watching telly and movies for a long time, very little of which would be considered highbrow entertainment (seriously, I really enjoyed the aforementioned Birds of Prey) - and from the thousands of performances I've probably seen, across all those shows and films, I honestly couldn't pick out more than a handful of actors who have ever been bad enough to take me out of whatever I'm watching.

But Ruby is one of them.