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Events from the first game were referred to on a few occasions by characters in the second game, so that’s not strictly true. Like I suggested there was no reason why they couldn’t have called it simply Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but they kept the 3 in there. It’s not like EA which didn’t simply call 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront 3 because Pandemic had made two console games previously.

I wouldn’t expect them to be directly related but if they have referred to it in that way there should be a demonstration why.
In the very looses sense which is why I said it wasnt a true sequel. The first wasnt required for the second as the continuity was barely there. The 2nd went in a completely different direction. MUA3 is being made by 2 different companies with no relation to the old games which will have come out more than 10 years ago. This isnt likely to pick up where we left off in 2.