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    Quote Originally Posted by MASTER-OF-SUPRISE View Post
    So I saw Sindel's MK 11 ending and wow does it suck. It's a terrible retcon on her story. Hopefully the game play will be better then the retcon they gave her. Still I don't get why they put her in a role that would fit certain other characters better.
    Not necessarily a retcon, actually. When your plot is built on the fact that Kronika has access to multiple timelines, one truly evil Sindel doesn't change the MK 3 story.

    As for why the change, the developers decided to lean into her visual portrayal. She LOOKS like an evil witch. So now she is. I definitely prefer the original take better, in defiance of her visual. But it is what it is.

    Also, her new intro dialogues are a serious buff to Quan Chi. 'Quan Chi did it' should just be the unofficial slogan of this series. Dude basically masterminded 2/3 of the plot at this point.

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    He actually looks really good

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    the joker? really? well, i found stupid to have mk characters as dlc in injustice so i'm not going to say anything different about injustice characters in mk games.

    nope, not for me, pass.

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    I thought Joker was a huge WTF choice at first, but damn if they didn't do a good job with him.

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    I'm thankful that they didn't just simply rehash his Injustice moveset. Though it seems like he's missing his buzzer. Which sucks, because that could have been used as a brutality where he uses it to turn his opponent into a charred corpse like he did to the mobster in Batman 89.

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