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    Default Is this the best Volume of TMNT comics?

    Is the current volume of TMNT comics the best ever? They seem to have all the best parts of past volumes, updated things, and made a killer series.

    Although I've heard the original 80s (not Archie) volume was quite good.

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    Its a matter of taste and opinion and maybe the feeling for nostalgica.

    I started with TMNT vol. 1 and would say, its the best run. But...after reading it again (i am currently re-reading the Turtles and i am up to vol. 3 now) i have to say Nostalgic feelings aside, some of the stuff in vol. 1 was really bad, especially the mid parts. Count the start and City at War out, these are really classics AND really good.

    But overall the current volume is the best, because it sells you a story almost without flaws, strings everything from the past together and it makes sense. The voice of every character is spot on. The story feels like its planned out from issue 1 to the latest issue. You will not see a thread dissolving or left aside, everything will fall into place eventually.

    Its the most consistent book i read, and that for years!!! And you cannot read it in five minutes, it feels like you get more of your dollars with this book than lets say a Marvel or DC book. (though no bashing here)

    So, my answer is yes!

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    No the originals are as good, not to say better.

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