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    Quote Originally Posted by wjowski View Post
    I know you're not trying to put George Sanders over Darth Freakin' Vader.
    Although Sanders could sing, he clearly did not sing “that’s what friends are for” in the vultures’ scene. It’s stated on Wikipedia that Bill Lee dubbed him in that scene, but it doesn’t sound like what I’ve heard of Lee to me, and rather sounds like Thurl Ravenscroft. (I’ll admit I’m not an expert on either man, though.) Whoever it is, he has a magnificent bass singing voice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daBronzeBomma View Post
    Yeesh, well this turned into a stomp for Shere Khan over Mufasa fairly quickly.

    I guess the main problem here for Rumbles is that Mufasa, like Superman Prime 1 Million (golden god), looks great on presentation alone but has no actual usable feats.

    And I doubt that Adult Simba has anything in his own extended animated history (LK1, LK2, LION GUARD tv show) that is even close to Khan's decisive fight with Baloo.

    And if we're including style points, tell me something: when or where has either Mufasa or Simba looked at striking as Shere Khan does in TALESPIN:

    No contest.

    The tiger beats the lion.

    Khan FTW.
    I mean, if we're using alternate timelines, Simba had a boss fight alongside Sora against a massive (as in, "building-sized") Heartless in Kingdom Hearts 2. Mufasa want present in that story arc, though.

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