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    Default Venom vs. DCEUAquaman

    [B Arthur has his father's trident
    Round 1: Eddy has feats from his solo film
    round 2: Eddy is composite with feats from Spiderman 3[/B]

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    Preeeetty sure the guy that can (allegedly) lift a submarine and survive two direct axe hits from Steppenwolf casually stomps here.

    I say allegedly because I haven't seen Aquaman yet and don't know the context beyond the trailer.
    "So full of hate were our eyes
    That none of us could see
    Our war would yield countless dead
    But never victory
    So let us cast arms aside
    And like discard our wrath
    Thou, in faith, will keep us safe
    Whilst we find the path"

    -The Covenant Writ of Union

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