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I mean they didn't retcon Castlevania II. I think Legends mostly suffers from having been on original Gameboy at the same time as Symphony of the Night was out on PS1. Kind of missed the boat on anyone being impressed by a Gameboy game while having to compete with the most highly regarded entry in the series.

SotN Richter seems a lot like Julius to me; they seem to have pretty much the same movesets, but I don't recall Richter having quite the same ability to eat damage as Julius. Plus yeah Julius has that whole "Grand Cross destroying chunks of Dracula's castle in the background" thing.

I'm not familiar with Juste.
Julius came off as a bit slower than Richter if you ask me, while Richter's going to be blade-dashing all over the place. And the whole 'killing regenerating monsters so hard they stop regenerating' is more a feat for the Vampire Killer than Julius.

Juste is from one of the handheld games, Harmony of Dissonance. He was a descendant of both the Belnades and the Belmonts so he could do magic in addition to the usual Belmont stuff. Though his presentation is weakened due to battling an incomplete Dracula.