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    Hello, it's me again.

    Can you please recommend me kaiju or horror comics?

    I've read and enjoyed IDW's Godzilla comics, and read some Tales from the Crypt, so I'm her asking for the less known ones.

    (Before you recommend me Crossed, by the amazing Garth Ennis, I know it and I don't even want to touch it, I'm sorry . No disrespect to the author)

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    Fatale was really good. While I wouldn't necessarily call it lesser known, I'm a big fan of Hellboy. I think, perhaps due to the movies, Hellboy kind of gets pushed aside when it comes to conversations about horror comics, but they're really great in that respect. Mignola does a lot of research into the history, folklore and mythology and does a fantastic job putting his own spin on things.

    Also really enjoyed Harrow County. I'm a little behind, but what I've read is incredible.

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    With horror titles, I'd say that it depends on if the focus of a title works for you.

    While I'd agree on Fatale, I could absolutely see it's focus leaving someone completely cold. Another title that is way under the radar is another image title called Moonshine. Again, I could see it falling completely flat for someone in the same way as Fatale if the specific focus(and the approach to that focus) doesn't really work for a reader.

    One title that I would say is going to depend less on the focus and more on if the writer is for you is the Image Comics title The Black Monday Murders. If you can settle in with Hickman's approach, that title is brilliant.

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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (1987)
    You're in luck. This 1987 Special has both kaiju and horror (keep an eye out for Inagos, the Locust King).

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