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Yeah, I meant issue 3, sorry. Even if we can hope for some sweet solicitations soon, hopefully tomorrow or next week, if I'm not mistaken ?

Personally, I believe that Bendis won't carve a totally new corner of the DCU without linking it to something obscure. Not that he couldn't, but I would love to see something like that, I think.
Yeah, I've been thinking if Naomi's parents will be connected to something completely new or something obscure that's finally being brought back or getting focused or even a makeover.

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But I've the feeling that Naomi will have some huge powers, the "Hell yeah" when talking about being in Superman's shoes is a dead giveaway for me that she'll be able to go toe to toe with some heavy hitters at some point (or I'm totally lost, which is possible).
I never thought of it like that, but that 'hell yeah' could totally be foreshdowing of what's to come and how similar to superman (as a heavy hitter) she could be; I was thinking in small terms that the 'hell yeah' could be b/c she wants to be special or a superhero b/c of the bleeding cool article (the one on the previous page) that mentioned some adopted kids have mentioned her having superman syndrome.

The thing is though for either of our theories if Naomi did have powers she would be getting them pretty late despite being an offspring of whoever ...or she might not have powers at all.