Haha, I have just recently learned about that Jon and Naomi theory, and it's very convincing and plausible but idk...

@lemonpeace It does sound problematic to say but I've said the same thing multiple times and made sure to be clear about it. Outside of that FX show Pose and very few others, the lgbt characters of color in media have felt very much like production wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone, these characters are no different than their straight counterparts, they have no life outside of being the best friend in which case you have to ask yourself why did they create those characters and the real answer is obvious; they wanted one character as a token not two.

Tho, if Naomi was lgbt, I wouldn't mind b/c I do trust Bendis and Walker.


Even though there is no need to add my 2 cents since the discussion is kind of over, I'm gonna add it anyway.

1. I'm about 80 to 90% sure Naomi's straight just on the basis of Naomi being a character that seems to reflect too much on reality, her adoption is Bendis situation, her town/community is Walker's situation, her style of clothing is Jamal's situation, and her last name is an homage, it almost feels like if she were an lgbt character it would be b/c of some reality connection.

2. Bendis co-created 3 new characters for Wonder Comics, Jinny, Keli, and Naomi. Keli is desexualized b/c she's just a kid, Jinny is lgbt, and to complete the balance Naomi would be straight.

Now if Naomi is an lgbt character than she's bi/pan b/c I think it was implied that she is attracted to men on the basis of Anna's comment to Naomi in regards to Superman which was "He says you're really cute and wants to take you to prom".

To me that joke/tease wouldn't really work if Naomi was gay b/c it hinges on the knowledge of Naomi's long lived infatuation of Superman which can be broken down in 3 parts:

1. She relates to Superman's known adoption story.

2. She denied wanting to be Superman but it doesn't change the fact that she wants to be like Superman (i.e a superhero).

3. Superman is like a celebrity crush for her.

If the third one didn't exist Anna's joke/tease wouldn't really land and only Sooze's joke would.

To me Anna and Naomi came across as best friends who view each other as sisters and 'baby' is their term of endearment, which btw some of the dialogue did throw me off and I'll blame Walker for that since Bendis teen characters have never felt so stereotypically 'old man writing about what he thinks teens are like' before, and so I have to think it comes from Walker in some capacity.