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    171. Greta (2018) - DVD Rent
    172. Dumbo (2019) - DVD Rent
    173. Secret Obsession (2019) - Netflix
    174. The Amityville Murders (2018) - Netflix
    175. Logan: Noir Version (2017) - BluRay Collection
    176. Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) - Netflix
    177. Girls With Balls (2018) - Netflix
    178. Point Blank (2019) - Netflix
    179. The Son (2018) - Netflix
    180. UFO (2018) - DVD Rent
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    181. Ip Man (2008) - DVD Collection
    182. Ip Man 2 (2010) - DVD Collection
    183. American Hangman (2019) - Netflix
    184. Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017) - Netflix
    185. Raw (a.k.a. Grave) (2016) - DVD Rent
    186. Back To The Future (1985) - DVD Collection
    187. An Affair To Die For (2019) - Netflix
    188. Hotel Mumbai (2018) - DVD Rent
    189. Cold Pursuit (2019) - DVD Rent
    190. Replicas (2018) - DVD Rent
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    1. The Accountant
    2. Akira
    3. Tekkonkinkreet
    4. Intouchables
    5. Michael Clayton
    6. Ocean's 8
    7. Seven Samurai
    8. Spirited Away
    9. Finding Dory
    10. Burn After Reading
    11. True Grit
    12. Edge of Tomorrow
    13. Ghost in the Shell
    14. Cloud Atlas
    15. Solo: A Star Wars Story
    16. Dr Strange
    17. Gladiator
    18. Logan
    19. Black Panther
    20. The Hateful Eight
    21. Avengers: Infinity War
    22. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
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    Movie #81/ New Movie #50/ 1930s Era #8: The Union Pacific
    As with many films on locomotive history, I watched this with my train buff dad. Apparently, this Cecil B Demille film shares some credit with Stagecoach for making the Western more prestigious. Itís an interesting concept covering the struggles with building the railroad, and a rivalry between two former soldiers, one who wants to protect the railroad and the other trying to sabotage it, a metaphor for the struggles of the country reuniting after the Civil War. Itís okay although structurally flawed, with multiple climaxes.

    Movie #82/ New Movie #51/ Silent Movie #5/ German Film #2: Faust
    Murnauís take on the fable is quite lovely. The opening covers the territory you expect with the devil making an offer to an elderly scientist, and the ending is bleak. The middle drags covering a well-told if generic love affair, although it does set up the tragedy that follows pretty well.

    Movie #83/ 1960s Movie #13/ French Film #1/ Criterion Film #18: Vivre Sa Vie
    I wanted to catch this on Kanopy before my subscription expired. Itís exceptional, a formally interesting film (twelve vignettes in different styles) that tell a satisfying and complete story in 82 minutes, with a tremendous lead performance by Anna Karina as a disillusioned Parisian.

    Movie #84/ New Movie #52/ 2019 Film #5: Spider-Man: Far From Home
    Itís a decent set-up for a different kind of Spider-Man story, with Peter and his friends having fun on a road trip in Europe while heís dragged into a superhero adventure. Jake Gyllenhalís Mysterio is exceptional, a great fit for the actor, especially in the second half of the film. The main story repeats some major beats from Homecoming (A bad guy uses tech from earlier MCU films; Spider-Man tries to get the approval of an iconic MCU hero) and thereís a big difference between the stakes and what the character wants, but it gets better as the true narrative becomes apparent. And the ending is fantastic.

    Movie #85/ 1970s Movie #10: Rocky
    Itís a bit weird to watch this film in the wake of all the sequels in which Rocky Balboa is acknowledged as a legendary fighter. Here, heís introduced as a ďbumĒ (and itís a bit odd to see him so young) who makes his living as an enforcer for loan sharks, and has never gotten an opportunity. Itís a different type of film. His arc is great, one of the best in any sports movie, and the rest of the cast is terrific, with Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith and Burt Young deserving their Oscar nods, and Carl Weathers getting robbed as the showman champion Apollo Creed.

    Movie #86/ New Movie #53/ 1940s Movie #5/ Criterion Film #19: Thief of Bagdad
    This Aladdin story has much to offer, with some great sets and sequences. Itís largely overshadowed by earlier and later work, with Douglas Fairbankís silent film and the later Disney Aladdin surpassing it. The Criterion edition has a commentary by Scorcese and Copolla, which covers the craft and the impact it had on a particular generation of filmgoers for whom this was essentially Star Wars/ Lord of the Rings.

    Movie #87/ New Movie #54/ 2010s Film #7: The Hitmanís Bodyguard
    Itís not a terrible twisted buddy action comedy, with some decent set pieces and interplays between Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. Some of the twists are predictable. It is elevated by Salma Hayekís brief role as the hitmanís wife.

    Movie #88/ New Movie #55/ 2019 Film #6: Toy Story 4
    Pixar once again pulls off the hat trick of giving a sequel that continues logically from what came before, which also introducing some new concepts and variations on the larger themes. Here, itís the lost toys, and the messed up Forky, a sentient arts and craft project that wants to die. There is an exploration of what children need that is quite moving, and the antagonistís story is marvelous.

    Movie #89/ New Movie #56/ 2018 Film #6: Hotel Artemis
    A hospital from criminals in the near future is an interesting concept for a crime drama, with the time period allowing for new social movements and medical technology without radically changing too much else. Jodie Foster is terrific as the operator, even if they lean in to her agoraphobia too much, but the execution is bland.

    Movie #90/ New Movie #57/ 1950s Movie #8: The Lavender Hill Club
    Itís a solid brief comedy caper about some relatively inept thieves led by two middle-class intellectuals. Alec Guiness is excellent as a fastidious bank clerk who has been making a cultivated effort to be a less likely suspect for the inevitable robbery.

    Movie #91/ 1940s Movie #6/ Criterion Film #20: Notorious
    Definitely a top ten Hitchcock and probably a top five (Vertigo, Psycho, North by Northwest, Rear Window- yeah, top five checks out.) Iím not sure Grant, Bergman or Claude Rains have ever been better than in this suspense drama essentially about a whirlwind romance where a power play leads to a young woman risking her life against former Nazis.

    Movie #92/ New Movie #58/ 1990s Movie #5/ Criterion Edition (Seriously) #21: The Rock
    Itís Michael Bay so itís often over the top and has some serious flaws, but the concept is solid, Sean Connery is excellent as essentially a James Bond who has been imprisoned for decades as a political embarrassment, and the bad guy is relatively nuanced, making some good use of Ed Harris. Nicholas Cageís slightly zany and inexperienced chemical specialist makes a decent partner for Connery.

    Movie #93/ New Movie #59/ Silent Movie #6/ Russian Movie #1: Aelita: Queen of Mars
    Itís a relatively generic silent melodrama about a man suspicious of his wife, elevated by fantasy sequences about life on Mars. The constructivist sets and costumes are probably the highlight of the film, which lags when it tackles other issues, although the narrative strands come together well enough. Still I could see why director Yakov Protazanov doesnít have the reputation of Eisenstein, Vertov or Dovzhenko.

    Movie #94/ New Movie #60/ 2018 Film #7: Bohemian Rhapsody
    I could definitely see why it has so many negative reviews. The other bandmates of Queen are kinda generic, some of the beats of the character arc arenít quite earned (especially when youíre aware of the filmís notable inaccuracies) and the conflicts are often repetitive (the band wants to do something new; the suits say no; the band persists and succeeds) but it also fun. Rami Malekís Freddie Mercury is exceptional.

    Movie #95/ New Movie #61 1980s Film #6: Starman
    Enjoyable take on a truly alien extraterrestrial ably played by Jeff Bridges tying to understand humanity. Works very well as a road movie romance, just with one character who has the power of life and death.

    Movie #96/ New Movie #62/ 2018 Film #8: A Star is Born
    Consistently enjoyable story about a new singerís rise to fame and her romance with her alcoholic mentor. The best performance might be Sam Shepherd as his brother/ mentor pissed off at wasting his life on someone so flawed. Itís not a shocker that Lady Gaga sings exceptionally, but she handles the other facets of the character quite well.

    Movie #97/ New Movie #63/ 1930s Movie #9/ Criterion Film #21: The Awful Truth
    Enjoyable on its own merits or as a bit of a historical artifact, as a Depression era comedy of remarriage which may have also marked Cary Grantís first fully formed performance.

    Movie #98/ New Movie #64/ 1940s Movie #7/ Criterion Film #22: Moonrise
    An acclaimed later work by Frank Borzage, best known for his silent work (he won the first Best Director Oscar). Itís a noir but a different type, covering efforts to redeem a young murderer. Beautiful film thanks to Borzage and Psycho cinematographer John L Russel.

    Movie #99/ New Movie #65/ 1980s Movie #7/ Nolanís Favorite Films #1/ Longer Film #1: The Right Stuff
    This is an excellent epic about the early days of the space race, balancing Sam Shepherdís Chuck Yeager, the last of the World War 2 flyboys, with the Mercury Seven, including star turns by Ed Harris and Dennis Quaid.

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    Movie #100/ New Movie #66/ 2018 Movie #9/ Nolanís Favorite Films #2: First Man
    An excellent take on one of mankindís greatest accomplishments, and the man who pulled it off. It covers the inner strength and struggles of the famously taciturn Neil Armstrong, a man likely to be remembered a thousand years from now.

    Movie #101/ 1940s Movie #9/ Nolanís Favorite Films #3: Foreign Correspondent
    The World War 2 thriller is a rather generic Hitchcock. There are some impressive set pieces, and decent propaganda.

    Movie #102/ New Movie #67/ 1940s Movie #10: Cabin in the Sky
    Clips of this film have been used to add diversity to montages of musicals and dance sequences. Itís probably one of the best showcases for African American musical talent for the era, although it starts out a bit stiff, a reminder that itís Vincent Minnelliís debut as film director. A story of devils and angels fighting for the soul of a flawed man does have some interesting twists.

    Movie #103/ 1980s Movie #8/ German Film #3: Das Boot (Directorís Cut)
    Wolfgang Peterson makes a lengthy film about Nazis in a largely enclosed environment compelling, showing the everyday struggles of people on the losing end of one of the worst causes in human history.

    Movie #104/ 1990s Movie #6: The Blair Witch Project
    I first saw it as a teenager and was kinda bored. Now, I appreciate how they capture the sense of inept grad students making a documentary that goes very very bad. The finale is still a let-down.

    Movie #105/ New Movie #68/ 2018 Movie #10: The Favourite
    Weird contest of wills between a queen, her best friend and a newcomer. The cinematography and main performances are exceptional.

    Movie #106/ Silent Movie #7/ Criterion Edition #23: The Gold Rush
    Technically, I saw the 1942 directorís cut, which removed the intertitles for Charlie Chaplinsí narration. The approach worked pretty well, and Iím surprised that it wasnít done more, although it might work better with comedies. And this might be the funniest movie of the silent era, with some all-time great sequences and a suitably desperate setting for the Tramp.

    Movie #107/ 1950s Movie #9/ Nolanís Favorite Films #4/ Criterion Edition #24: 12 Angry Men
    Lumet keeps an argument between twelve unnamed men in a jury room fascinating. Itís relevant now as a defense of the need to have rational arguments and to follow the rules of society.

    Movie #108/ Silent Movie #8/ Criterion Edition #25: Safety Last
    Harold Lloydís salesman being in a position where heís forced to climb a skyscraper may be the funniest set piece in any silent movie ever made. This a tremendous comedy and showcase for a talent who has lost his standing relative to Keaton and Chaplin for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of his work (Lloyd demanded a lot of money for anyone who wanted to show his films during his lifetime) or the absence of a great screen persona.

    Movie #109/ New Movie #69/ German Movie #4/ 2018 Film #11/ Longer Film #3: Never Look Away
    A three-hour plus film about a German artistís path to self-discovery is quite watchable. Part of it is the change in settings. Sebastian Koch might honestly be the decadeís greatest villain in film; a eugenicist doctor who is able to prosper in multiple societies despite his monstrous deeds.

    Movie #110/ 1990s Movie #7: Quiz Show
    Itís a solid story of investigation and the changes in value in a new era. Some of the arguments about honesty in quiz shows will be quaint, but itís interesting to see a period in which these questions are new and tackled seriously in ways that are more complex than even the investigator appreciates.

    Movie #111/ New Movie #70/ 1990s Movie #8/ Criterion Edition #26: The Last Days of Disco
    Whit Stilmanís take on the experiences of two roommates in the disco scene of the early 80s has wit, and a self-aware take on people who intellectualize everything. Beckinsale and Sevigny might give the best performances of any of Whitman's films as people realizing they don't quite like one another.

    Movie #112/ New Movie #71/ Silent Movie #9/ German Movie #5: Diary of a Lost Girl
    This is a tremendous showcase for Louise Brooks as an initially naive pharmacistís daughter who deals with scandal and limited opportunity in a frank manner.

    Movie #113/ 2010s Film #8: Veronica Mars
    I watched this again after seeing how much the mini-series dealt with the ramifications of events here. This works pretty well as a coda to one of my favorite TV shows and as a satisfying enough mystery about the worst high school reunion ever.

    Movie #114/ New Movie #72/ 2010s Film #9: Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets
    Itís sometimes visually quite interesting, but I can completely understand why itís flopped. Itís one of the films worth analyzing for all the reasons it didnít work in terms of world-building and setting up consistently compelling stakes.

    Movie #115/ New Movie #73/ 2010s Film #10: Prisoners
    Itís a decent concept (desperate father kidnaps a man suspected of abducting his daughter) executed pretty well, with more nuance than expected and tremendous performances from all involved.

    Movie #116/ New Movie #74/ 1990s Movie #9/ Criterion Edition #27: Barcelona
    A Whit Stilman film about two upper-class cousins in Barcelona works pretty well, given the clash of personalities and the shift from light-hearted conflict to actual stakes when a WASPís sarcastic comments are taken as evidence that he is an American spy, attracting the wrong kind of attention.

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    Movie #117/ New Movie #75/ 2019 Film #7: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
    Tarantinoís take on Hollywood in the late 60s as the golden age gives way to a more independent New Hollywood, has resulted in a lot of think pieces and is worth analyzing in terms of what heís trying to say and whether heís aware of the shortcomings of the characters. DeCaprio and Pitt make for great film buddies as a struggling actor and his handyman/ former stuntman. It is a fun take on the buildup to a massacre, unsettling in an interesting way.

    Movie #118/ New Movie #76/ 2019 Film #8: Yesterday
    Itís a good concept executed in a generally fun way as a struggling musician suddenly finds himself the only person aware of the music of the Beatles, and gets to pretend he invented all of it. The central love story is kinda generic, although Himesh Patel (doing well in his film debut) and Lily James have decent chemistry. I really donít buy the guyís final decision and why he ends up making it, especially in a world where many performers donít write their own music.

    Movie #119/ New Movie #77/ 1970s Movie #11/ Longer Film #4: Woodstock (Directorís Cut)
    The lengthy documentary features tremendous performances and a fun take on the people affected by a chaotic cultural event (those who went there and those who live in the nearby town). The quality of the performances captured here may not be what the filmgoers experienced but this is a great concert film that did define Woodstock for the vast majority of Americans who didnít go to a music event in Upstate New York.

    Movie #120/ New Movie #78/ 1930s Movie #10/ Nolanís Favorite Films #5: All Quiet on the Western Front
    This early Best Picture winner about German soldiers in World War One is a tremendous take on the disillusionment of soldiers on the wrong side of a largely unnecessary war. There are some technical issues in the early Sound film, but it remains quite striking.

    Movie #121/ New Movie #79/ French Film #2/ Silent Movie #10/ Longer Film #5: Napoleon
    Abel Ganceís five hour epic about the rise of Napoleon is tremendous, with action sequences matching the ambition of the subject. Itís awe-inspiring, but often entertaining, from schoolboy fights to monumental moments in history (the first performance of the Marseillaise, the French Revolution, the Conquest of Italy.) The BFI restoration concludes one of the great efforts of cinematic recovery.

    Movie #122/ New Movie #80/ 1980s Movie #9: To Be Or Not To Be
    Mel Brooksí take on Lubitschís 1942 Nazi satire is solid but largely unnecessary, with the exception of James Haakeís Sasha, who addresses the plight of gay people under the Nazis.

    Movie #123/ New Movie #81/ 1980s Movie #10: The Dead
    John Hustonís final film is a tremendous adaptation of a short story that has earned a reputation as one of the best ever. He pulls off the big and small moments in an Irish dinner party where he conveys the warmth, but it all leads to a devastating intimate revelation contrasting nicely with the questions of Irish identity and the changing of the times.

    Movie #124/ New Movie #82/ 1980s Movie #10: The Goonies
    Iím aware of the film as a cultural milestone, but was largely unaware of what type of story it was (I was expecting something like the Gremlins with weird alien creatures). Instead, itís kids following a treasure map chased by felons. Itís old-fashioned with 1980s kids and class warfare. Itís fun but largely surpassed by other work of the era and about the era (Stranger Things, Super 8.)

    Movie #125/ 1990s Movie #10: The Matrix
    Watching the film for the first time in years, it really holds up. It does a great job setting up its own world with some interesting philosophical questions spliced with kickass fight scenes and a compelling team dynamic. It has taken on a power in new ways with the theme of real identities having a different meaning when the Wachowski brothers credited with the film have subsequently discovered they were trans women, and with the heroesí perspective on the willingness to kill civilians potentially inspiring violence in the real world.

    Movie #126/ New Movie #83/ 2019 Film #7: Shazam
    The second best of the DCCU films has some fun with a classic concept (kid transforms into a superhero) while thereís solid heart in the travails of kids in a foster family, and a decent turn by Mark Strong as the bitter villain.

    Movie #127/ New Movie #84/ 2019 Film #8: Detective Pikachu
    The live action debut of the Pokemon world generally does a decent job translating that world to a different type of narrative. Thereís some tonal inconsistency, although the central narrative of a young man trying to learn what happened to his absent father works pretty well.

    Movie #128/ New Movie #85/ 2000s Film #11: Batman Beyond- Return of the Joker
    This doubles as a finale to the 1990s Fox Batman adventures showing their greatest tragedy, as well as the greatest challenge of the Spider-Man-esque teen Batman of the future. The oddball sci-fi concepts donít distract from a story about regret and loneliness.

    Movie #129/ New Movie #85/ 1930s Era #11: Lady For a Day
    I was interested in this one after reading about it in Capraís memoirs. Itís definitely Capra-esque, having fun with a decent premise as an alcoholic apple lady pretends to be a woman of high society for her daughterís visit with the help of criminals who realize there is joy in working tohether to help a stranger succeed. May Robson is tremendous, capturing the different facets of a character with multiple facades (the gentle peddler, the high class woman of society she pretends to be) as well as the priorities underneath.

    Movie #130/ New Movie #86/ 1950s Movie #9/ Japanese Film #4/ Criterion Edition #28: Godzilla
    Although that part is satisfying, the film isnít just about Godzilla stomping through Tokyo, as he is smartly kept as a largely off-camera presence. The start is a bit generic as it takes a while for the main charactersí story to get interesting. The film picks up in the latter half by treating the consequences of a monster attack seriously (traumatized hospital survivors) and with the moral question of the final weapon unleashed against the monster.

    And the rundown for this batch of filmsÖ
    Best film I hadnít seen before: Napoleon (this was a good month.)
    Best longer film: Napoleon.
    Best film from Nolanís list: 12 Angry Men.
    Best film overall: The Gold Rush

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    Default Update 18

    191. Sextuplets (2019) - Netflix
    192. Tropic Thunder (2008) - DVD Collection
    193. Back To The Future 2 (1989) - DVD Collection
    194. The Raid: Redemption (2011) - DVD Collection
    195. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) - DVD Rent
    196. Back To The Future 3 (1990) - DVD Collection
    197. Enid Is Sleeping (1990) - DVD Collection
    198. I Am Number Four (2011) - DVD Rent
    199. Knight And Day (2010) - DVD Rent
    200. Mandrill (2009) - DVD Collection
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodbones View Post
    Update #4

    40. Ma (Cinema)
    41. Rough Night (Rental)
    42. John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum (Cinema)
    43. Dark Phoenix (Cinema)
    44. Zombieland (Netflix)
    45. The Babysitters (Netflix)
    46. Spider-Man Far From Home (Cinema)
    47. Anna (Cinema)
    48. Spider-Man Far From Home (Cinema)
    49. The Dark Knight (Netflix)
    50. Meet the Parents (Amazon Prime)
    51. Meet the Fockers (Amazon Prime)


    52. Stuber (Cinema)
    53. Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)
    54. I Am Mother (Netflix)
    55. Once Upon a TimeÖ In Hollywood (Cinema)
    56. Good Boys (Cinema)
    57. Zodiac (Amazon Prime)

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    Default Update 19

    201. Donnybrook (2018) - Netflix
    202. Serial Mom (1994) - DVD Collection
    203. Witches Of Eastwick (1987) - DVD Collection
    204. There's Something About Mary (1998) - DVD Collection
    205. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975) - DVD Rent
    206. Career Opportunities (1991) - DVD Collection
    207. A Fish Called Wanda (1988) - DVD Collection
    208. The Long Weekend (2005) - DVD Collection
    209. Kingpin (1996) - DVD Collection
    210. Flatliners (2017) - Netflix
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    Default Update 20

    211. Heads (1994) - VHS Collection
    212. Head Above Water (1996) - VHS Collection
    213. The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) - DVD Collection
    214. The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 (1989) - DVD Collection
    215. Holy God, Here Comes Pasatore (1973) - VHS Collection
    216. They Call Me Hallelujah (1971) - DVD Collection
    217. The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (2019) - DVD Rent
    218. Max Payne (2008) - DVD Rent
    219. Avengement (2019) - Netflix
    220. Serenity (2019) - DVD Rent
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    I just watched film no. 125: a weird black comedy crime film called 68 Kill. While it has some great individual moments, it is too uneven in tone to be truly successful.

    Films watched so far:

    1) The Girl in Lovers Lane
    2) Scooby-Doo and Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    3) The Crucifer of Blood
    4) Colette
    5) The Phantom of Crestwood
    6) Violent Saturday
    7) Ralph Breaks the Internet
    8) The Hollow
    9) Rhymes for Young Ghouls
    10) How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
    12) The Babadook
    13) Whiteout
    14) Mary Poppins Returns
    15) The Quick and the Dead
    16) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
    17) Zombie Nightmare
    18) Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
    19) What a Carve Up!
    20) Crime Doctor
    21) Racket Girls
    22) Black Zoo
    23) The Deserter
    24) Amazon Women on the Moon
    25) Vlog
    26) Go West, Young Lady
    27) The Corpse Vanishes
    28) Murders in the Zoo
    29) Young Lady Chatterly II
    30) Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
    31) Alita: Battle Angel
    32) Cold Pursuit
    33) The Rawhide Terror
    35) The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen
    36) Terror in a Texas Town
    37) Thirteen Women
    38) Rehearsal for Murder
    39) The Terror of Tiny Town
    40) The Ghoul (1933)
    41) Silent Night
    42) The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case
    43) Petticoat Planet
    44) Escape Room (2017)
    45) The Mountie
    46) Night School (1981)
    47) Batman: Gotham By Gaslight
    48) Panic in the Streets
    49) Midnight Movie
    50) Robin Hood (1973)
    51) Shandra: The Jungle Girl
    52) Being Evel
    53) Raiders of the Lost Ark
    54) Destroyer
    55) Tales of Terror
    56) Final Destination 5
    57) Night of the Demons (2009)
    58) The Butchers
    59) Unfriended: Dark Web
    60) Gang of Roses
    61) Julia X
    62) Circus of Horrors
    63) Boar
    64) The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
    65) Amusement
    66) Pet Semetary (2019)
    67) Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend
    68) Accident (2009)
    69) The Initiation
    70) Deadly Advice
    71) April and the Extraordinary World
    72) 13 Sins
    73) Theatre of Death
    74) Sky Bandits
    75) Robin Hood (2018)
    76) Gutterballs
    77) The Hand (1981)
    78) In Order of Disappearance
    79) Firestorm (1998)
    80) Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
    81) The Return of Sherlock Holmes (2016)
    82) Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
    83) Gun Crazy
    84) Black Christmas (1974)
    85) Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers
    86) 5ive Girls
    87) Madhouse (1974)
    88) The Beast with Five Fingers
    89) Hatchet
    90) Dead of Night
    91) The Climax
    92) Horrors of the Black Museum
    93) Detention (2011)
    94) Horror Express
    95) The Funhouse
    96) When Evil Calls
    97) girlhouse
    98) Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
    99) The Car: Road to Revenge
    100) The Asphalt Jungle
    101) Death Bell
    102) Assault on a Queen
    103) Sam (2015)
    104) Black Sunday (1977)
    105) Even Lambs Have Teeth
    106) Headless Horseman
    107) Frankenstein Created Woman
    108) Killer Party (1986)
    109) Ms. 45
    110) Savaged
    111) Black Scorpion (1995)
    112) Up the Chastity Belt
    113) Dead Birds
    114) The Show
    115) The Gravedancers
    116) Dobermann
    117) Sleepy Hollow High
    118) Don't Open Till Christmas
    119) The Con Is On
    120) Lust for Gold (1949)
    121) Wild Horse Phantom
    122) Ripper: Letter from Hell
    123) Wish Upon
    124) Fear, Inc.
    125) 68 Kill

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    Default Update 21

    221. Curse Of La Llorona (2019) - DVD Rent
    222. In The Shadow Of The Moon (2019) - Netflix
    223. A Long Ride From Hell (1968) - VHS Collection
    224. His Name Was Holy Ghost (1972) - VHS Collection
    225. The Troops Of St. Tropez (1964) - DVD Collection
    226. The Troops In New York (1965) - DVD Collection
    227. The Troops Get Married (1968) - DVD Collection
    228. The Troops On Vacation (1970) - DVD Collection
    229. The Troops & Aliens (1979) - DVD Collection
    230. The Troops & Troop-Ettes (1982) - DVD Collection
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    Default Update 22

    231. Ma (2019) - DVD Rent
    232. Ravenous (2017) - Netflix
    233. Mirrors (2008) - DVD Collection
    234. Art Of The Devil 2 (2005) - DVD Rent
    235. The Dead Don't Die (2019) - DVD Rent
    236. The Skeleton Key (2005) - DVD Collection
    237. Art Of The Devil 3 (2008) - DVD Rent
    238. In The Tall Grass (2019) - Netflix
    239. Teeth (2007) - DVD Collection
    240. Case 39 (2009) - Netflix
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    241. Eli (2019) - Netflix
    242. Fractured (2019) - Netflix
    243. Tremors (1990) - DVD Collection
    244. Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996) - DVD Collection
    245. Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead (2009) - DVD Collection
    246. Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) - DVD Collection
    247. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) - DVD Collection
    248. Friday The 13th (2009) - DVD Collection
    249. Sleepy Hollow (1999) - DVD Collection
    250. Django (1966) - DVD Collection
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    For this group of films, I added a sub-challenge of at least five movies that are considered to be one of a countryís best, which led to other lists from nations with extensive enough filmography to have a credible Top 100: at least five films from the BFIís selection of the Top 100 British films, and at least five films from the AFIís Top 100. I added a final sub-challenge of at least five Best Picture Winners (there is some overlap).

    Movie #131/ 1960s Movie #14/ Criterion Edition #29/ BFI Top 100 #1: A Hard Dayís Night
    This is an oddball hit for the worldís best band. It highlights their Britishness well. Itís a decent comedy, even if itís a minor project in the context of their greatest work. But it is a lot of fun, and has some terrific songs and set pieces.

    Movie #132/ New Movie #87/ 2019 Movie #9/ Seen In Theaters #11: Ready or Not
    A comedy-horror piece about a woman who marries into a twisted family doesnít really live up to the potential. There are some decent sequences, but itís not as fun or incisive as it should be.

    Movie #133/ New Movie #88/ 1970s Film #12/ Nationís Best #1/ Dutch Film #: Turkish Delight
    A Five Easy Pieces angry young man type collaboration between Paul Verhoeven and Rutger Hauer that established both their careers, and ranks as one the most beloved film in the Netherlands in at least one poll. The love story is affecting, and even if the male lead is messed up and self-destructive, itís believably so.

    Movie #134/ 2000s Movie #12/ Seen In Theaters #12: Kill Bill Volume 1
    For some reason, Regal seemed to have a Quentin Tarantino retrospective allowing me to catch the Kill Bills and Pulp Fiction in theaters. Itís probably the first time I saw this on the big screen since it came out, which means itís the first time I saw it in theaters knowing how well Tarantino would stick the landing. He makes a homage that is better than the films he enjoyed, with some of the most impressive fight scenes Iíve ever seen.

    Movie #135/ 2000s Movie #13/ Seen In Theaters #13: Kill Bill Volume 2
    The second half of the Kill Bill saga explores the Brideís character, and features some tremendous twists in her bloody quest for revenge. It probably should ahve won Oscars in all the categories Mystic River dominated ever (Best Picture/ Best Director/ Best Actress/ Best Supporting Actor for David Carradine as the titular villain who lives up to an entire filmís worth of set-up.)

    Movie #136/ New Movie #89/ 2010s Movie #11/ Finnish Film #3/ Criterion Edition #30: The Other Side of Hope
    An interesting deadpan exploration of two different experiences: a Finnish middle-class businessman starting over, and a middle-Eastern refugee. Solid intro to Aki Kaurismški, and his method of treating the ridiculousness seriously and vice versa.

    Movie #137/ 1990s Movie #11/ Seen In Theaters #14/ AFI Top 100 #1: Pulp Fiction
    Yeah, Pulp Fiction remains fantastic. It was really worth seeing it on the big screen. It has one of the best casts and film structures ever.

    Movie #138/ New Movie #90/ 1930s Movie #12/ Best Picture Winner #1: Cavalcade
    An early Best Picture winner that has earned a reputation as one of the worst Best Picture winners. Itís just dull in its exploration of the early 20th century from the perspective of a wealthy British family.

    Movie #139/ 2000s Movie #14/ AFI Top 100 #2: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
    The beginning of the best fantasy saga ever. However, it works pretty well by itself as the story of the rise and collapse of a team of heroes.

    Movie #140/ 2010s Movie #12: The Martian
    An enjoyable sci-fi film that feels like itís occurring now, and gives Matt Damon an opportunity to give an Oscarbait performance.

    Movie #141/ New Movie #91/ 1940s Film #11/ BFI Top 100 #2: Kind Hearts and Coronets
    Decent deadpan comedy of a nobleman wiping out a series of rivals in his way to a dukedom. Alec Guinessí performance as the different rivals is astonishing, taking full advantage of his anonymity to the extent that he could pass for eight different actors playing the minor roles.

    Movie #142/ New Movie #92/ 2019 Movie #10/ Seen In Theaters 15#: Ad Astra
    For some stretches, this sci-fi exploration of a reserved middle-aged man with an astounding ability to compartmentalize is just dull. Itís decent world-building and some of the set pieces are pretty good, although it just seems that the point of a battle on a moon-base or chaos on a seemingly abandoned space-shuttle was to puncture moments of boredom. The film does consider the implications of a vision of the future we rarely see in movies; what if we discover that we are alone and thereís no one else out there?

    Movie #143/ 1990s Film #12/ BFI Top 100 #3: Trainspotting
    I feel justified in declaring it the best film of 1996. Itís a dark, energetic take on young screw-ups far more messed up than any film with James Dean.

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