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    Default My 1st Computer ....

    Back in 1990's I remember going to a friend's house to get on the internet and we would use his computer. For a few years I never imagined getting a computer and traveling the WORLD...WIDE....WEB. In fact I was pretty sure I'd never be interested in internet. Of course the only times I ever went online was with my friend who would show me games and more on his . He would tell me I should get one.

    So one day after work out of town in North Carolina I walked into a pawn shop. The shop was pretty big and I browsed these 1990's style desk tops. Now even today I'm not an expert in hardware or can tell you about RAM or Hard drives. So as I looked over models with my dad , i saw one that caught my eye. I was thinking this one seems kinda good. It seems to look more "newish" than the others.

    While looking around an old man walked in who looked like the character off David the Gnome in a way. He had a long beard , wore glasses and had suspenders. He gave a waive as he saw me looking at the run of computers and was pretty friendly. I explained I was a 1st time computer guy and showed him the one I was debating getting as the pawn guy was giving me the price. The old man saw it and told me..."This one doesn't have what this other one does...look at this one.." So we listened and walked over to it.

    David (I'll call him that) told me he ran a computer repair business and had been doing it since 1980's. So he could look at what one had and knew how it ran. The pawn guy walked over and said that he wanted $150 bucks for the one David recommended but while it worked ...the pawn place couldn't crack the guy's password to show anything beyond the start screen . The old man smiled and told him to sell it to me for $100 and he'd crack it right there. Pawn guy told his boss who said to let the old man do it.

    So David took the back off. Did some work and within seconds pretty much had it start as even pawn worker was stunned. Of course what makes this story even more funny was , once it went to home showed nothing but porn files. Which had us all laugh hard. And not just a couple porn pictures he had downloaded ...thousands of images and more. David joked that so many gigs of hard drive space was nothing but porn pictures. Then as he worked through he told us this seemingly was someones office computer as it had office type files.

    Which made us all laugh again pretty much at the thought this guy was doing some type of office job and spending his time then downloading his comp with porn pictures. The old guy told me I could take the comp back to my home town to fix or he could do it to clean the computer fully out. Because he suspected there was virus attached. But it was up to me and gave me his card. But once cleaned David said the computer there would be a great one to use.

    I took it to my friends dad who runs a computer shop and didn't charge me much to fix it. He too got a laugh from my porn infested desk top and told me it took 3-4 hours and he removed 100+ virus from it. He cleaned it totally out for me.

    I never saw David again as I often wondered if he still was running his business there. Hopefully he stayed as nice as he did there to help folks. That $100 desktop computer I kept for 3-4 years before selling it and getting a more updated model. I kinda wonder who has that computer now.
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    And the Internet (and specifically CBR) would never be the same!

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    Hahaha...and thus comes the warning that with thousands of pornographic interactions comes hundreds of viruses!

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