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how tall is lois supposed to be?
I have no idea, but just out of curiosity I searched for the height of all the actresses who have played Lois Lane and their respective Clark Kent/Superman:

Noel Neill 5' 4"
George Reeves 6' 1"

Margot Kidder 5' 6"
Christopher Reeve 6' 4"

Teri Hatcher 5' 6"
Dean Cain 5' 11"

Erica Durance 5' 7"
Tom Welling 6' 2"

Kate Bosworth 5' 5"
Brandon Routh 6' 2"

Amy Adams 5' 4"
Henry Cavill 6' 1"

Elizabeth Tulloch 5' 6"
Tyler Hoechlin 5' 11"

My source was IMDB.

I think 5'6'' is the best bet. It's funny, I always thought that Teri would be the highest, but it turns out that the highest is Erica. I'm surprised by the height of Christopher Reeve, is the highest Superman by far, while Tyler and Dean are the shortest, there is no surprise there