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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatKungLao View Post
    I like how openly he defends his Justice League lately. I think it's a good sign.
    One can hope. Industry insiders are already going to be talking about Witcher and Dwayne Johnson seems to be in Cavill's corner. Maybe that'll be enough for WB to bring Cavill back in and try to turn things around, instead of sweeping the IP under the rug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpaqueGiraffe17 View Post
    I am rooting for this. So much passion from the cast and crew, it’s hard not to. I still don’t expect a good movie, but maybe something decent instead of the mess of a theatrical cut.
    But good or bad, a five hour movie is absurd.
    It's the norm for an Assembly Cut being 4 hours or longer. Those early cuts aren't watchable products, just all the scenes filmed put together without a proper edit/selection.
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