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    First post of the new year! Pretty burnt out on super heroes atm, so it will probably be a little more slow going for me in the coming months. Also trying to be more selective buying moving forward since i didn't read a good chunk of what I purchased last year. May even end up (gasp!) downsizing eventually. Anyways, on to the reads!

    Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows TP (4) - At this point anything Black Hammer is a must buy for me. This was a sad short story that really pulls at the heart strings. It's also very much standalone and can be enjoyed without any prior reading.

    Copperhead TP v1 (5) - Entertaining murder investigation a new sheriff in a new town is thrust into. This sorta reminded of Fables first volume, where they creators sort of test the water by laying an interesting groundwork but structure the arc to stand on its own if not successful. Will check out the next volumes.

    Batman: Rebirth HC v3 (13) - Most of this collection consisted of shorter arcs focusing on Cat and Bat (ugh) and their relationship. Mostly good but nothing worth singling out here. Joelle Jones' art is the real highlight of this collection. I had an opportunity to buy a piece a year ago and passed, and now I kind of regret it.

    Goodnight, Paradise TP (6) Dysart has been hit or miss for me, but this was pretty solid. He manged to write a compelling drama while highlighting the ugliness of addiction, homelessness, and mental health most of us are probably guilty of turning a blind eye to.

    Sara TP (6) I've been very pleased with the last several Ennis works I've sampled, and this was great as well. Epting's art was strong, as expected. Even though these TKO books are only six issue, they were very dense, and i feel like i really got a fully fleshed-out story with both of them. Pleased on that front, and looking forward to a couple more solicitations due in the spring/summer.

    Isola TP v1 (5) - Beautiful book but lacking in the story department. I get letting things unfold slowly, but 5 issues in and not much has happened or been explained really. There's better fantasy options if you're looking to scratch that itch.

    *Oops forgot one

    Dept. H HC v1 (6) - Yet another story revolving around the investigation of a murder (seems a lot of these are finding their way into my read pile). Not particularly engaging through one volume, but i already purchased the others, so I'll get to them eventually.

    45 issues fty
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    2019 Week 2

    Broussaille Intégrale 2 (312 pages, 14 issues)
    Berserk 1-3 (240 pages, 33 issues)

    Total for the week: 47
    Total for the year: 67

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    2019 Week 3

    Thor Epic Collection 5 The Fall of Asgard (21 issues)
    Berserk 4-7 (240 pages, 44 issues)

    Total for the week: 65
    Total for the year: 132

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    New Readings:

    Fantastic Four#20 (True Believers#1)
    What If#9 (True Believers#1)
    Conan.The Barbarian#4 (True Believers#1)
    Marvel Fanfare:Strange Tales (TPB) (12)
    Batman.The Dark Knight Detetive Vol:1 (TPB) (15)
    The Immortal Hulk Vol:1 (TPB) (6)
    Doctor Strange#5 (LGY:395)


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