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    Here is my list. Had a rough month life wise so I wasnt able to read many. I did start of The Walking Dead which I am really enjoying.

    Brave and the Bold - 54
    Gotham Central - 40
    Green Lantern -33
    Justice League - 76
    Amazing Spiderman - 53
    Daredevil - 75
    Savage Avengers - 2
    Superior Spiderman - 33
    West Coast Avengers - 26
    X - Force - 6
    The Walking Dead - 36

    Total - 434
    Favorite teams. Alpha Flight, Avengers, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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    I've been really struggling to read over the last few months, but I think that I'm back My output should be higher from now, which is good because I have a lot of books waiting to be read...

    Comics - 335/1000
    Books - 18/30

    This Month

    Comics - 60
    • Y: The Last Man V4 - 12
    • Y: The Last Man V5 - 12
    • JB: VARGR - 6
    • JB: Eidolon - 6
    • JB: Black Box - 6
    • JB: Hammerhead - 6
    • JB: Felix Leiter - 6
    • JB: Kill Chain - 6

    Books - 2
    • Gerritsen - Never Say Die
    • Crimson Empire: A Blade of Black Steel


    Comics - 335
    January: 116
    February: 13
    March: 40
    April: 37
    May: 69
    June: 60

    Books - 18
    January: 9
    February: 2
    March: 1
    April: 0
    May: 4
    June: 2

    Complete Reading Record 2019

    • IDW TMNT V4
    • IDW TMNT V5
    • IDW TMNT V6
    • IDW TMNT V7
    • Winterworld/Wintersea
    • Pokemon Adventures V1
    • Pokemon Adventures V2
    • Pokemon Adventures V3
    • Pokemon Adventures V4
    • Pokemon Adventures V5
    • Batman: Sword of Azrael
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V1
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V2
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V3
    • Y: The Last Man DE V1
    • Y: The Last Man DE V2
    • Y: The Last Man DE V3
    • Y: The Last Man DE V4
    • Y: The Last Man DE V5
    • JB: VARGR - 6
    • JB: Eidolon - 6
    • JB: Black Box - 6
    • JB: Hammerhead - 6
    • JB: Felix Leiter - 6
    • JB: Kill Chain - 6

    • JB: From Russia with Love
    • JB: Forever and a Day
    • JB: Trigger Mortis
    • Diablo: Legacy of Blood
    • Diablo: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls
    • Diablo: Morbed
    • Gerritsen: Call After Midnight
    • Gerritsen: Under the Knife
    • Gerritsen - Never Say Die
    • Fingersmith
    • Morse: Last Seen Wearing
    • Doctor Who: The Good Doctor
    • Doctor Who: Molten Heart
    • Doctor Who: Combat Magicks
    • Drenai: The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
    • Crimson Empire: A Crown for Cold Silver
    • Crimson Empire: A Blade of Black Steel
    • Gotham: City of Monsters
    "Live a poem... or die a fool!"

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    June 22-30: 178 Books
    • Uncanny X-Men #181-183 (3)
    • Kitty Pryde & Wolverine #1-6 (6) - This probably could have been like 4 issues. Also, not a fan of Yukio and Wolverine kissing when he's in an allegedly serious relationship with Mariko.
    • New Mutants #18-20 (3
    • Uncanny X-Men #184 (1)
    • Uncanny X-Men Annual #8 (2)
    • Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 1 (17)
    • Wonder Woman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (15)
    • Wonder Woman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2 (13)
    • Darth Vader Volume 1: Vader (7)
    • Darth Vader Volume 2: Shadows & Secrets (6)
    • Star Wars: Vader Down (6)
    • Darth Vader Volume 3: The Shu-Torun War (6)
    • Darth Vader Volume 4: End of Games (7)
    • The Wicked + The Divine Book One (17) - Wasn't really for me then I first read it, but after giving it another chance after really liking Gillen's Die with Stephanie Hans, I found it quite enjoyable. Great hook and McKelvie's art is great as always.
    • The Wicked + The Divine Book Two (16)
    • Champions Volume 4: Northern Lights (5)
    • Champions #22-27, Annual #1 (8)
    • Champions (2019-) #1-5 (5) - #5 may be the only time Marvel acknowledges the adult O5 X-Men getting their time-displaced counterpart's memories outside of Extermination but I'll take what I can get. Possibly my favorite issue of the new series.
    • Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1 (6)
    • Scooby Apocalypse Volume 2 (6)
    • Scooby Apocalypse Volume 3 (6)
    • Scooby Apocalypse Volume 4 (6) - Cool twist on the classic TV show.
    • Gotham Central Book 1: In the Line of Duty (11)

    Best Of: Champions

    June Total: 622 Books

    2019 Total: 1,405 Books

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    January: 261
    February: 59
    March: 54
    April: 105
    May: 138
    June: 121

    Saga deluxe 1, 2 & 3 (54)

    Total: 792

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    Las Vegas


    Second quarter reading:

    Harley Quinn 58-59
    Witchblade 11-13
    Welcome Back 7-8
    Skyward 8-10
    Betty and Veronica 1-3
    Catwoman 9, 11
    Supergirl 28
    Deadly Class 36-38
    Skybourne 1-5
    Wicked + Divine 42-43
    Rose 15-17
    East of West 41-42
    Patriotika 3
    Red Sonja Vol. 4 10-15 (6 issues)
    Die 1-2
    Regression 13-15
    Detective Comics 1000 (4 issues)
    Seven to Eternity 11-13
    The Waking Vol.1 (4 issues)
    The Waking Dreams End (4 issues)
    Jasmine: Crown of Kings 1-5
    Glitterbomb: The Fame Game 1-4
    Oz: The Wizard One Shot
    Death Force 1-6
    Revenge of Wonderland 1-6
    Belle Beast Hunter 1-6
    Van Helsing vs Robyn Hood 1-4
    Eclipse 13
    Destiny NY 5
    Unnatural 5-8 (4 issues)
    Robyn Hood Outlaw 1-3
    Amazing Spiderman Worldwide Vol. 1-4, 6 (23 issues)
    The Freeze 1
    Amazing Spiderman The Clone Conspiracy TPB (20 issues)
    Elephantmen 2261 Season Two 1
    X-Men Red 8-11 (4 issues)
    Gideon Falls 10-11
    Astonishing X-Men 13-17 (5 issues)
    Black Science 39
    Paper Girls 28

    157 issues for a grand total of 275.
    image Ascender, Birthright, Cyber Force, Deadly Class, Death or Glory, Die, The Fix, Gideon Falls, Lazarus, Low, Monstress, Oblivion Song, Outcast, Rat Queens, Realm, Reaver, Redneck, Saga, Seven to Eternity, Witchblade Marvel Black Cat, Fallen Angels, Marauders, X-Force, X-Men DC Catwoman, Harleen, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Dynamite Dejah Thoris, Zenescope Robyn Hood: Vigilante

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    Previous read count: 196

    Blue Devil #4, 6, 13, 20 (4) And I've now re-read every pre-Crisis comic I own this year. I'm just not sure why I own these. This series is just a little too silly for my current tastes. I'm a big enough Zatanna fan to keep issue #4 for her appearance, but the other 3 issues have been tossed on my "to sell" stack.
    Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12 (12) End of an era. Decent story, I but I do think it's a little over-rated. And I still disagree with the whole concept of eliminating the multi-verse.
    Man of Steel (miniseries) #1-6 (6) Post-Crisis Superman reboot. Pretty good stuff.
    Wonder Woman #1-6 (6) Start of post-Crisis Wonder Woman reboot. Truly fantastic origin issue #1, with great art by Perez, and good story arc overall to start the series.

    Read since last update: 28
    Read so far this year: 224

    Next up: I started reading comics in the early 90s, so everything I have from this immediate post-Crisis period was picked up as back issues a few years after it came out. Flash is the only one I was a completionist about. But I do have the Legends miniseries, some Bat-books, more Wonder Woman, the starts of the Justice League and Suicide Squad runs from that time period, and maybe a couple of other things. So I think Legends is probably next, followed by some of those others.

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    2019 Week 26

    Silver Surfer 123-146, -1 (26 issues)
    Galactus the Devourer (6 issues)

    Total for the week: 32
    Total for the year: 1432

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    Continuing my summer reading...

    Avengers #24-34/ New Avengers #18-23: Hickman continues his Avengers saga with some arcs that have high stakes and cool concepts, but that are accessible enough.

    Avengers 35-44/ New Avengers #24-33: Hickman's Avengers run concludes with one of the highest-stakes Marvel sagas ever, as the heroes deal with the impending end of the world.

    Batman Damned #1-3: Beautifully illustrated but kinda empty story of a Batman pushed to his limits.

    Major X #1-6: It's probably safe to say Liefeld is not for me.

    JSA #16-31: This is the point where the book became one of the best team books ever, with a great mix of new and old heroes facing tremendous challenges from a creative team who could make obscure golden age villains into apocalyptic threats.

    Secret Wars #0, 1-9: A story that works on a lot of levels, as a conclusion to Hickman's Avengers, a coda to his Fantastic Four, an exploration of multiple intersecting universes, and one of the ultimate Doctor Doom stories. Gorgeous art by Ribic.

    American Splendor #1-10: This is my first time reading all these stories, although I'm sure I've read snippets elsewhere and seen the film. This is excellent work, as Harvey Pekar and his artists explore the mundane aspects of life, intersecting with some fascinating stories (some true/ some not.) Probably one of the best comic book anthologies ever.

    The Wild Storm #1-24: Decent reimagining of a superhero universe that does take a while to get to payoff, but sets an interesting clash between multiple clanedestine groups.

    Batman #33-40: Solid Batman stories in the aftermath of the engagement dealing with great material (Talia Al Ghul, a dark connection between Bruce Wayne and a new villain, Superman, and Wonder Woman.)

    What If? #88/ Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #127: Two of my favorite Spider-Man one-shots.

    Antifa the Comic Book: Stylistically primitive and incomplete history of fascist movements and the resistance.

    Showa A History of Japan Volume 1: Excellent take on the tough times of Japan pre-World War 2 balancing Shigeru Mizuki's experiences and the big story.

    Willie and Joe The World War 2 Years: Excellent series of mostly one-panel gags. Sometimes funny and moving, and a great artifact of the experiences of ordinary soldiers in World War 2.

    Total So Far: 346 single issues, 3 graphic novels

    Best of the batch: American Splendor, although it's been a good two weeks.
    Thomas Mets

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    July 1-7: 99 Books
    • Gotham Central Book 2: Jokers & Madmen (12) - The story with the Mad Hatter and the high school baseball team was really dark, but also really good.
    • Gotham Central Book 3: On the Freak Boat (10) - Favorite scene has to be when Renee and Crispus are talking about Batman.
    • Batman: War Games Book One (23)
    • Batman: War Games Book Two (28)
    • Identity Crisis #1-7 (10) - This was just kinda confusing. It feels like half of this book didn't need to be there.
    • Batman: Under the Red Hood (16) - Also could have been shorter, but I liked this a lot better than anything else besides Gotham Central. However, imo, the movie did a better job with the story.

    Best Of: Gotham Central

    July Total: 99 Books

    2019 Total: 1,504 Books
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    Previous read count: 224

    Wonder Woman #7 (1) – Recovery issue after 1st story arc
    Legends #1-6 (6) – Formation of Suicide Squad and new Justice League, lead in to new Flash series
    Detective #568 (1) – Legends tie in
    Justice League #1-7 (7) – Start of the post-Crisis League
    Flash #1-14 (14) – Start of Wally West as the third Flash. Not very good, but not completely terrible. If this had been my first exposure to the series, I never would have stuck with it. But I picked these up as back issues while reading Mark Waid’s fantastic run on the series in the 90s.
    Flash Annual #1 (1) – Bad martial arts story. Wally cheats on his girlfriend.

    Read since last update: 30
    Read so far this year: 254

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Buttocks View Post
    In the last week (previous total 158 issues)

    Wolverine by Claremont and Miller - (4 issues) - a top quality read and it still holds up.
    Red Son - (3 issues) - one of the better Millar comics
    Umbrella Academy vol 1 - (6 issues) - a surprisingly great little gem
    Mr & Mrs X #6-12 (7 issues) - good fun

    That takes me up to 178!
    Generation X (2017 series) - 12 issues - decent series that never *really* got out of the "nice but inoffensive and insubstantial" bracket
    Gambit (2011 series) - 17 issues - good stuff, again showing that Gambit is far more enjoyable as a solo character rather than in team books
    Transformers #8 - signs of improvement
    Giant Size X-Statix #1 - God, I have missed this

    Total - 209 issues.

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    Here's what I read in June 2019:

    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #17-18; 18.HU (3)
    Amazing Spider-Man #30-31 (JMS Omni) (2)
    Fantastic Four #533-535 (Planet Hulk Omni) (3)
    Gideon Falls #12-13 (2)
    Hot Lunch Special #1-5 (5)
    Incredible Hulk #88-94 (Planet Hulk Omni) (7)
    Locke & Key #1 (1)
    New Agents of Atlas #1 (1)
    New Avengers: Illuminati (Planet Hulk Omni) (1)
    Spider-Man City at War #2 (1)
    The Immortal Hulk #17 (1)
    The Vision #1-12 (12)
    Wolverine: Weapon X #6-16 (11)
    Wolverine #175 (1)
    Y The Last Man #46-48 (3)

    Total June 2019: 54

    January: 67
    February: 51
    March: 41
    April: 54
    May: 80
    June: 54

    Total 2019: 347 (On pace for 698)

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    Previous read count: 254

    Wonder Woman #8-9 (2) – This series really was amazing back then.
    Flash #15-18 (4) – Start of Bill Messner-Loeb’s run as writer of the series, which ran until issue 61. I remember liking some of his work on the series, but not as much as Mark Waid’s later run. First four issues weren’t a very good start, mostly because he continued what his predecessor started, which wasn’t very good.
    Secret Origins Annual #2 (1) – Origins of Wally West and Barry Allen. Wally’s story is nothing special, but Barry’s adds a nice detail to his origin story without actually changing it.
    Flash Annual #2 (1) – Mediocre main story, backup story featuring Chunk is the highlight of the issue
    Suicide Squad #1-12 (12) – Start of the classic Ostrander Squad. Some very good issues, but a couple of not so good. Way too much reliance on crossovers with other comics, especially in #9, with the Milennium crossovers. But I loved the confrontation with Batman in #10.
    Flash #19-28 (10) – Issue 19 was hilarious, with Flash attending a party of his predecessor’s Rogue’s Gallery. The next few issues weren’t as good, but it got steadily better from there. Issue 28 is significant as both the first appearance of Linda Park (Flash’s eventual wife) and editor Brian Augustyn, who edited, and occasionally cowrote, the book through most of its best years in the 90s.

    Read since last update: 30
    Read so far this year: 284

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    Jan-June total 639 issues

    July update part 1.5 (going into the last few days of the month)

    All Out War #1-3 (DC; 1979-1980)
    Descender Vol. 2: Machine Moon (Image; collecting #7-11; 2015-2016)
    Descender Vol. 3: Singularities (Image; collecting #12-16; 2016)
    Descender Vol. 4: Orbital Mechanics (Image; collecting #17-21; 2016-2017)
    Descender Vol. 5 Rise of the Robots (Image; collecting #22-26; 2017)
    Doomsday Clock #1-2 (DC; 2017)
    Border Worlds #1-7 (Kitchen Sink; 1986-1987)
    Border Worlds: Marooned #1 (Kitchen Sink; 1990)
    The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Vol. 1 (collecting Gladstone's Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge #285-296; 1994-1996, collected edition-Fantagraphics; 2019)
    Descender Vol. 6 Machine War (Image; collecting #27-32; 2018)
    Creatures on the Loose #16-21 (Marvel; 1972-1973)
    Camelot 3000 #1-12 (DC; 1982-1985)
    House of X #1 (Marvel; 2019)
    History of the Marvel Universe #1 (Marvel; 2019)
    Superman Year One Book One (DC; 2019)
    Savage Sword of Conan #1-7 (Marvel; 2019)
    Criminal #3-6 (Image; 2019)
    Age of Conan: Belit: #1-5 (Marvel; 2019)
    Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish #1-2 (IDW; 2019)
    Gogor #2-3 (Image; 2019)

    month to date 102 issues, YTD-741

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    146. War of the Realms 6 ------In spite all the tangents and BIGNESS of the story--this issue was a good Thor story. Didn't like the mixtape feeling of the other issues, but I have to admit I'm glad I stuck around to see the end.

    147-148. Invaders 6-7 ------Somehow this Invaders story feels bigger and higher stakes than war of realms.

    149-150. Avengers 20-21 -----This is turning into my favorite run of Avengers in a long time

    151-152. Amazing Spiderman 24-25----- Still stalling on revealing who the big bad guy is. I think they're lingering way to long for any "shock" to be satisfying. i'm expecting a groaner when it's finally revealed.

    153. Savage Avengers 2

    154. Guardians of the Galaxy 6

    155. Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman 7

    156-157. Immortal Hulk 20-21

    158. Spiderman Life Story 5

    159. Weapon Plus 1--- Nice Surprise. wasn't expecting to pick this up, but I love this concept.

    160.-168 Flash 64-72--- Finally getting caught up. Great book

    169. Batman 65--- Flash crossover

    170. Doctor Strange: Damnation 1--- Picked these up in a dollar box. Missed them the first time. it's a cool mix of characters. Fun book.

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