Let's continue the tradition of this thread for...wow, 5 years now!

The goal, just like in the previous 4 years, is to read at least a 1000 comic book issues in 365 days, starting today!

Keep us updated of your progress and if you fancy write a few lines about what you've read, what you liked and disliked, just to keep things interesting and informative (even if you just pick your favourite and least favourite of your batch).

Usually a 22 pages comic counts as one issue, in case of other formats just divide it with 22. If you feel like your 48 pages long French album is really wordy and takes just as long to read as a 120pg american tpb then feel free to count it as 3 or even 5 issues, nobody gonna shout at you, it's all for fun.

Feel free to adjust the volume of the challenge depending on your circumstances. If you think you can only manage to read 300 issues this year, you are still more then welcome to participate. Same if you think you will read way more than a 1000 issues.

Happy reading folks!