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    Default 1000 books in 2019

    Let's continue the tradition of this thread, 5 years now!

    The goal, just like in the previous 4 years, is to read at least a 1000 comic book issues in 365 days, starting today!

    Keep us updated of your progress and if you fancy write a few lines about what you've read, what you liked and disliked, just to keep things interesting and informative (even if you just pick your favourite and least favourite of your batch).

    Usually a 22 pages comic counts as one issue, in case of other formats just divide it with 22. If you feel like your 48 pages long French album is really wordy and takes just as long to read as a 120pg american tpb then feel free to count it as 3 or even 5 issues, nobody gonna shout at you, it's all for fun.

    Feel free to adjust the volume of the challenge depending on your circumstances. If you think you can only manage to read 300 issues this year, you are still more then welcome to participate. Same if you think you will read way more than a 1000 issues.

    Happy reading folks!

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    Glad that we are continuing this tradition, it's one of my favourite threads to visit. I am going for more conservative targets for 2019, given my rate in 2018 and the fact that I've just started a PhD. I will also not be buying much this year, which means that I will get to revisit some of my favourites, which is nice I also intend to keep a slightly more in depth record of my reading.

    Comics - 1000
    Books - 30

    This Month

    Comics - N/A

    Books - N/A


    Comics - 0

    Books - 0

    Complete Reading Record 2019


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    2016: 1182
    2017: 1058
    2018: 1070 & 5 prose

    Sub-Mariner MMW 1 11 issues (1/4)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 2 9 issues (1/6)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 3 12 issues (1/12)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 4 12 issues (1/15)
    Dragon Ball Super Vol 1 8 issues (187 pgs) (1/16)
    Dragon Ball Super Vol 2 9 issues (213 pgs) (1/17)
    Dragon Ball Super Vol 3 9 issues (205 pgs) (1/19)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 5 14 issues (2/6)
    Black Hammer Library Edition 1 14 issues (2/9)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 6 12 issues (2/11)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 7 11 issues (2/13)
    Sub-Mariner MMW 8 13 issues (2/16)
    The Incredible Hulk SA Omnibus 29 issues (3/9)
    Dragon Ball Super Vol 3 9 issues (205 pgs) (3/15)
    Dragon Ball Super Vol 4 8 issues (186 pgs) (3/15)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 4 9 issues (3/19)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 5 11 issues (3/21)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 6 13 issues (3/29)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 7 12 issues (4/3)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 8 12 issues (4/10)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 9 14 issues (4/22)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 10 13 issues (4/30)
    Web of Spider-Man #69 1 issue (5/4)
    Under the Moon FCBD 1 issue (5/4)
    Lady Mechanika FCBD 1 issue (5/4)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 11 13 issues (5/7)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 12 14 issues (5/15)
    Silver Surfer by Slott Omnibus 30 issues (5/23)
    The Black Incal Coffee Table Edition 2 issues (48 pgs) (5/27)
    The Luminous Incal Coffee Table Edition 2 issues (48 pgs) (5/29)
    What Lies Beneath Coffee Table Edition 2 issues (56 pgs) (5/30)
    The Fifth Essence Part 1: The Dreaming Galaxy Coffe Table Edition 2 issues (45 pgs) (6/4)
    The Fifth Essence Part 2: Planet Difool Coffee Table Edition 2 issues (45 pgs) (6/4)
    Luke Cage, Hero for Hire MMW 1 16 issues (6/9)
    Luke Cage, Power Man MMW 2 15 issues (6/17)
    Luke Cage, Power Man MMW 3 16 issues (6/26)
    Mighty Thor 12 1 issue (6/26)
    Mighty Thor by Aaron Deluxe 3 20 issues (6/28)
    The Guardians of the Galaxy Tomorrow's Heroes Omnibus 36 issues (8/5)
    The Spectacular Spider-Man MMW 2 16 issues (8/7)
    Motor Girl Omnibus 10 Issues (9/4)
    The Walking Dead Deluxe 16 13 issues (9/18)
    Immortal Hulk #1
    Daredevil (Soule) #1
    Doctor Strange (Waid) #1
    Neat Stuff 1-6 6 issues (10/25)
    Shadowhawk 1-3 3 issues (10/25)
    Complete peanuts 1950-1952 13 issues (287 pgs) (10/25)
    The Boys Vol 1 6 issues (11/12)
    Alpha Flight Omnibus 44 issues (11/18)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 1 11 issues (11/20)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 2 12 issues (12/1)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 3 12 issues (12/3)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 4 11 issues (12/5)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 5 11 issues (12/6)
    Sixth Gun Gunslinger Edition 6 9 issues (12/7)
    Harrow County Library Edition 1 8 issues (12/8)
    Harrow County Library Edition 2 8 issues (12/9)
    Harrow County Library Edition 3 8 issues (12/11)
    Harrow County Library Edition 4 8 issues (12/12)
    Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite Library Edition 6 issues (12/15)
    Reset 4 issues (12/17)
    The Incredible Hulk MMW 13 14 issues (12/31)

    Total: 674 issues

    Running With the Demon 420 pgs (8/15)
    A Knight of the Word 266 pgs (8/21)
    Angel Fire East 297 pgs (9/1)
    Street Freaks 375 pgs (9/12)
    Gwendy’s Button Box 180 pgs (11/28)
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    Will be using this post as my master list and editing it like crazy.

    WEEKLY GOAL: 21 issues
    MONTHLY GOAL: 84 issues

    Jan Total: 79
    Feb Total: 43
    Mar Total: 40
    Apr Total:
    May Total:
    Jun Total:
    Jul Total:
    Aug Total:
    Sep Total:
    Oct Total:
    Nov Total:
    Dec Total:

    10 -The Swords of Glass OGN 212p
    03 -Castle in the Stars v1 64p
    03 -Castle in the Stars v2 64p
    09 -Animosity Year One
    06 -Wayward v4
    06 -Wayward v5
    06 -Sleepless v1
    06 -Skin and Earth v1
    14 -Moon Knight v Lemire
    13 -Upgrade Soul OGN 272p
    01 -Invaders
    01 -Marvel Comics Presents 1
    01 -Fantastic Four 1

    07 -Wonder Woman Earth One v1 144p
    06 -Wonder Woman Earth One v2 120p
    16 -Avengers No Surrender
    00 -Doctor Strange Damnation
    06 -Jean Grey v1
    08 -Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant v1 176p

    01 - Invaders 2
    04 -Black Science v7
    04 -Black Science v8
    04 -East of West v8
    08 -Ogre Gods: Petit v1 174p
    07 -Monstress v1
    06 -Monstress v2
    06 -Monstress v3


    00 -G v1

    162 Comics Total
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    Got close last year, I'm hoping I'll crack 1000 in 2019. Below is the master list.

    January: 94


    - The Flash by Mark Waid Book 3 TPB (15)
    - The Omega Men TPB (12)


    - Annihilation Complete Collection Vol. 1 TPB (17)
    - Daredevil by Bendis Ultimate Collection Book 1 TPB (19)
    - The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 TPB (6)
    - Spider-Man: Big Time Complete Collection Vol. 2 TPB (17)


    - One-Punch Man Vol. 2 (8)
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    After sad showings of 169 in 2017 and 127 in 2018, I am determined to hit 365 this year.

    On my reading list: Conan (1970's Marvel and recent Dark Horse); Wonder Woman (1980's George Perez); Buffy (Dark Horse season 8); Batman (No Man's Land & Hush; plus some Golden Age, Grant Morrison omni if I get to it).

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    Hello. Long time lurker, second time poster. I took part in last year's challenge, from a distance as i wasn't a member. I didn't record the number of issues I read, though. My goal is to read at least 3 issues a day, a number that will easily meet the challenge.

    January: 36
    Sweet Tooth Deluxe 2-3..........................................28
    Patience.......................................... ......................8

    Daytripper Deluxe............................................ .......10
    I Am A Hero Omnibus 1...........................................22
    Chew Deluxe 1-6................................................. ...(63)
    Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus 1..................................(12)
    Alex and Ada Deluxe............................................ ...(15)

    March: 119
    Fables Deluxe 1-10................................................ .(100)
    MIND MGMT Deluxe 1-3..........................................(18)
    Lazarus Rise.............................................. ............(1)

    April: 180
    Fables 11-15................................................ ..........(50)
    Mind MGMT Deluxe 4-6............................................(19)
    Alita Battle Angel 1-6...............................................(65)
    Saga Deluxe 1................................................. .......(18)
    How to Talk to Girls at Parties...................................(3)
    MW: 26

    May: 129
    Saga Deluxe 2 (18)
    The Sculptor (5)
    Punk Rock Jesus (6)
    Queen Emeraldas 1-2 (19)
    Dept. H 1-4: (24)
    Sunstone Deluxe 1-2: (26)
    Decender Deluxe + vol 4-6 (31)

    June: 65
    Hawkeye Deluxe 1-2: (22)
    Paper Girls Deluxe 1-2: (29)
    Asterio Polyp: (8)
    Full Metal Alchemist HC 1:(6)

    July: 173
    Sixth Gun: (50)
    I Kill Giants: (7)
    Two Brothers: (11)
    Seconds: (7)
    Ayako: (16...)
    Y: The Last Man: (60)
    Dramacon: (20)
    Paper Girls 30: (1)
    Lazarus Risen 2: (1)

    August: 36
    Ayako: 3
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: 7
    Fear Agent: 16...
    Tokyo Ghost: 10

    September: 83
    Deadly Class: 40
    Black Science: 43

    Saga Book 3: 18
    Alita (again!): ...
    Fear Agent LE 2: ...

    Total: 943

    To read:
    Oz (Skottie Young)
    Fragments of Horror
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoked Ham View Post
    Hello. Long time lurker, second time poster. I took part in last year's challenge, from a distance as i wasn't a member. I didn't record the number of issues I read, though. My goal is to read at least 3 issues a day, a number that will easily meet the challenge.

    Week One
    Sweet Tooth = 4
    Welcome to the light, so good to see you out of the dark
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    I've loved this club, even if I don't check in so often. I went from barely keeping up with new purchases in 2016 to keeping up with ALL of Marvel and DC in 2018! Looking forward to a new year of reading at least 2,019 comics, and maybe more than that.
    Do you read comics in TPBs, HCs, and omnibuses - or are just not sure where to start? Check out my definitive guides to DC (including Rebirth!), Valiant Comics, and Marvel - including every X-Men and Avengers team and each Marvel Event.

    You'll find definitive reading guides including every issue of every major Marvel hero and team, like Black Panther, Captain America, Captain/Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man, & and more!

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    2018: ~700 and a couple of books.

    Obscure cities #4 (The Road to Armilia) by Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten. A truly remarkable series, the fourth installment is more a picture book than a comic/gn. I enjoyed the first 3 parts more. 100 pages, 5 issues.
    Obscure cities #5 (Brüsel). I liked this one a lot. It's sorta satirical criticism on the urban planning of Brussels in the last 150 years. There are a few articles on the start to inform the reader so it's more understandable. It gets real weird toward the end, reminded me of some of Moebius' solo works. Around 130 pages, or 6 issues.
    Obscure cities #6 (The leaning girl). Read this once before a few years ago. The leaning girl was introduced as a short illustrated story in #4 of the series, and here is developed further into a gn. Parallel to it there's a photo-story and the two mix near the end. Again, an unusual and intriguing story with spectacular art. 165 pages or 8 issues.
    Pinocchio (Winshluss) - A loose adaptation of the classic we all know. weird piece of artsy comic, maybe a bit over-the-top. Mixed feels. ~185 pages, ~8 issues
    Obscure cities #7 (a man's shadow) - not as interesting as the others. After consuming a strange medicine a man has troubles with his shadow. ~90 pages, 4 issues
    Obscure cities #8 (invisible border) - nice one. A cartographer who respects old illustrated maps gets dragged into a conspiracy. sorta. 140 pages, 6 issues.
    Obscure cities #9 (grain of sand theory) - interesting but felt a bit dragged. A strange tribesman comes to the city and interesting phenomena start. Mary, the once leaning child, tries to solve the mysteries. 120 pages so around 6 issues
    Polar vol.1-2 (Victor Santos) - enjoyable, but not much substance. A poor man's Frank Miller. 320 pages, ~14 iss.
    Jeremiah integrals 5 & 6 (Hermann) - interesting and easy read as usual. Six episodes/albums, 288 pages, 13 issues
    Marcel LaBrume (Micheluzzi, Attilio) - it's 1940, LaBrume doesn't care much for the war but somehow gets involved.. obviously draws a lot from Casablanca and it's set on the Levant and Maghreb regions. Wonderful simple graphic style of Micheluzzi. ~145 pages, 7 issues
    Terre-Neuvas (Chaboute) - a thriller set on a cod fishing boat of the coast of Newfoundland. Interesting. 120 pages, 5 issues on account of not much text.
    Monsieur désire? (Hubert/Augustin) - a satirical tale depicting aristocratic decadence of early victorian era. The comic is followed by a few articles accompanied with historical illustrations that give a deeper insight into english society in the mid 19th century. 94 pages but i'll count 5 issues due to some 12 pages more of just txt.
    Universal War One (Denis Bajram) - A stunning space time-travel epic. A must read for any SF fan. ~300 pages, 13 issues (6 albums).

    Celeste (I. N. J. Culbard, SelfMadeHero) - Intriguing but the point escapes me. 192 pages, 8 issues.
    Punisher MAX Omnibus 1-2 - Pretty good, loved the Barracuda parts. Around 1800 pages, around 75 issues i think.

    Streak of chalk (M.Prado, NBM) - Short but compelling erotic drama with a mindfuck twist. 90 pages or 4 issues.
    Les vieux fourneaux (The old furnaces) albums 1-4 - afaik this is a bestselling title in the french market now, and it's made into a movie also.. It's about three old guys who still have some fire in them. It's funny but also satirical on today's society. Dunno if there's an english translation. 230 Pages, 10 issues.
    Olympian dream (Reinhard Kleist) - A bio graphic novel about the tragic life of Somalian olympian runner Samia Yusuf Omar. 150 pages, 7 issues
    The black aurora - a comic by local scene artists.Psychedelic and trippy mixed bag. Prolly the worst art in any published comic i've seen so far, but i respect the effort. 120 pages, 6 issues.
    Hashish - Another local product. Henri Michaux, a notable french surrealist, had some thoughts on the way hashish affected him (in comparison with mescaline). Those writings are here visually interpreted by macedonian artist (and friend of mine) Gjorgje Jovanovic. 64 pages, or 3 issues.
    How to talk to girls at parties (Gaiman/Ba-Moon) - Overrated. 64 pages, 3 issues.
    Sexcastle - Funny. 200 pages, 9 issues.
    the White lama (Jodo/Bess) - Great art, but boring to me. 290 pages, 13 issues.

    Hellboy LE 1-3 - My fav comic. but first LE read. Magical. 894 pages, 40 issues
    Paying for it (Chester Brown) - Interesting. 292 pages, 13 issues. The comic is around 230 pages, and then a lot of text pages (notes etc) but whatever.
    Gypsy omnibus - Meh, too plain and too cheesy. 368 pgs, 16 issues.

    Asterix 9 albums - been getting these new volumes coming out recently... catching back on some good childhood reads. Each album ~46 pages, so total: 414 pgs or 18 issues.
    It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken - I liked the art style a lot, kinda like 1950s cartoons.. the story is soso. ~170 pgs. 8 issues.

    One spring in Chernobyl - inspired by the HBO show i decided to go back and reread this semidocumentary gn by the fantastic Emmanuel Lepage. Well worth it if you can get to it. ~160 pages, ~7 issues.
    Blankets - mhm.. Nicely drawn, put it didn't really get to me... remember reading Habibi only halfway through once. Perhaps Craig isn't my thing. 592 pages, ~27 issues.

    A taste of chlorine - boy meets girl in a swimming pool. I love Vives. 144 pages, ~6 issues.
    Death of Stalin - fun and upsetting fiction based around real events. 118 pages, ~5 issues.
    Black Hole - confusing and boring.. didn't even like the art that much. 368 pages, 16 issues
    Hawkeye (Fraction/Aya, vol.1 OHC) - fun and original. 272 pages, 12 issues.

    Hawkeye (Fraction/Aya, vol.2 OHC) - great. Liked it even more than the 1st vol. 12 issues, 280 pages.
    Wolverine ess3 - Never thought Logan would be so complex.. and beautifully drawn on top. 22 issues, 528 pages.
    Weapons of mass diplomacy - A cartoony satire on French diplomacy around the invasion of Iraq. Boring at first but then it got to me. 200 pages, 9 issues.
    Batman Dredd collection HC - Fun crossover collection. Incredible art by Biz and Fabry. 304 pgs, 14 issues.
    La quête de l'oiseau du temps vol. 9 - L'emprise - One of the last episodes in one of the better fantasy comics ever. 60pgs, 3 issues.
    Conan Le colosse noir - Loved this in black and white. Amazing art. 63pgs, 3 issues.
    Batman White knight - Great story. Read a b/w version in a comic magazine and it was amazing. Murphy is one of my fav artists. 232 pgs, 8 iss.

    Baltimore vol.6-8 - Really boring stuff.. First arc (vol.1-4) was so good. Idk what happened. 432 pages, 15 issues.
    The Goddamned vol.1 - Interesting stuff, like Old Testament Mad Max. 160 pages, 5 issues.
    Preacher book 1 - freakin amazing... i put off this for so long, dunno why. 12 issues, 350 pages.

    Hellblazer Azzarello and Carey runs - Good stuff, much of it 2nd read. Fun to go back to. 69 issues, ~1700 pages.
    Adoption (Zidrou/Monin) - Nice little story, beautifully drawn. 148 pages, so around 6 issues.
    Hector Umbra - weird not too interesting comic by german artist Uli Oesterle. ~215 pages or 10 issues.

    Absolute Sandman - wonderful. 20 issues some 550 pages
    The smell of starving boys - weird. Love Peteers art. 112 pages, 5 issues.

    January: 100 (~2200 pages)
    February: 89 (~2000 pages)
    March: 55 (1210 pages)
    April: 70 (1550 pages)
    May: 26 (584 pages) wow, slow month
    June: 34 (752 pages) another slow month...
    July: 39 (902 pages)
    August: 71 (1667 pages)
    September: 32 (942 pages)
    October-November: 85 (2063 pages)
    December: 25 issues (662 pages)
    Total: 626 issues (14532 pages) Meh. Less than last year.. had a promising start, but lost track come springtime. Perhaps i enjoy cycling more than reading comics.
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    Only hit 662 issues this year but really want to hit the target this year! Here's my master list.

    January: 67
    February: 51
    March: 41

    Year Total: 159

    Happy reading everyone!

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    Men of wrath deluxe (5)
    Ex Machina omnibus (54)
    Grass Kings 1 (6)
    Black Hammer Library edition (14)
    The Witcher Library edition (16)
    Harrow County Library edition (8)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW collection 8 (17)
    Blueberry omnibus 7 (Dutch edition) (10)
    Injection deluxe 1 (15)

    Total: 145
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    Aquaman by Johns omnibus: (31 issues) My first Aquaman series and a great start to the year.
    Global Frequency Deluxe: (12 issues) Good comics, but I think my expectations were too high going into this. I kept waiting for the different one-issue stories to culminate in an amazing finale, much like Planetary. So I was disappointed when that didn't happen.
    Usagi Yojimbo Saga 3: (22 issues) I'm now over half way through this series and the quality is so consistent. I'll be sad to get to the end.
    Deadly Class Deluxe 1-2: (31 issues) Absolutely amazing in parts, very good in others. Didn't take to the main character though.
    Usagi Yojimbo Saga 4: (22 issues) The best volume yet!
    Silver Surfer Omnibus: (30 issues) Another great read, I've had a great month. The ending was good, but not as good as I'd heard.
    Joe The Barbarian: (8 issues) Took a while to get into, I ended up having to start again and binge over a weekend. definitely not a good one to read an issue a night just before bed.
    Usagi Yojimbo Saga 5: (22 issues) I'm running out of things to say about how much I enjoy this, but I do!

    Total for month: 178 issues
    Total for year: 178 issues

    Sweet Tooth Deluxe 1-3: (40 issues) I've just picked up lots of Vertigo stuff I never got around to reading before. I hope it's as high a quality as Sweet Tooth.
    Usagi Yojimbo Saga 6: (22 issues) I can't think of anything which has been at such a consistent standard for such a long period of time.
    Scalped TP 1-10: (60 issues) Gave up on waiting for an omnibus to be announced and picked up the trades.
    Usagi Yojimbo Saga 7: (22 issues) Hope the next volume comes out on time after I heard about the character going to IDW.
    Darth Vader Omnibus: (29 issues) Loved the premise and initial interactions of Vader, didn't maintain that level of quality, but still good enough to convince me to pick up the upcoming SW omnibus.
    Injection Deluxe: (15 issues) Far preferred it to Global Frequency.

    Total for month: 188 issues
    Total for year: 366 issues

    Masters of the Universe Omnibus: (63 issues) I wasn't expecting great things from this, but it was worse than I expected. I'll probably end up selling this one when I can recoup my money.
    100 Bullets TP1-5: (101 issues) A really good read, but at times I felt like I could have done with a cheat sheet to remember certain names/characters!
    Punisher Max Omnibus 1: (34 issues) After hearing someone on the forum say this was better than Preacher I finally got around to reading it. They were right, hope the second volume's as good!

    Total for month: 198 issues
    Total for year: 564 issues

    Star Wars Omnibus: (47 issues) I enjoy Aaron's writing and this was decent, but the whole thing just felt redundant in a way the Darth Vader omnibus didn't. I knew Luke wasn't going to receive any Jedi training, that C3PO would be rescued, etc.
    Conan Chronicles 1-2 by Busiek: (40 issues) Really happy to finally own this as, like many people, I missed out on the Dark Horse volumes.
    Punisher Max Omnibus 2: 12 issues in and it's a great read. Ennis' fixation with male genital mutilation is getting a bit repetitive though.

    Total for month: 99 issues
    Total for year: 663 issues

    Punisher Max Omnibus 2: (26 issues) This may be my favourite Ennis run, really enjoyed it.
    BPRD Hell On Earth HC 1-5: (80 issues approx.) I'd already read the first couple, but really enjoyed binging the whole thing.
    Walking Dead TP 31: (6 issues) The series has had its ups and downs, this volume was one of the most enjoyable in a while.

    Total for month: 112 issues
    Total for year: 775 issues

    Berserk Deluxe 1: (28 issues) It was really good, not sure if I enjoyed it enough to commit to 15 volumes though.
    Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus 4: (39 issues) When it was good, it was very good. Especially in the Green Goblin centred issues. However there were more clunkers than in previous volumes. Still really enjoyed it though, bring on volume 5!
    Usagi Yojimbo 8: (22 issues) So consistent.

    Total for month: 89 issues
    Total for year: 864 issues

    Transformers Phase 2 v9: (9 issues) I've gotten too used to bingeing my content, felt a bit lost at times.
    New Frontier TP: (17 issues) Best DC title I've read in some time.
    Moonshadow: (13 issues) I enjoyed it and grew to like the titular character, despite the story meandering massively.
    Berserk Deluxe 2: (28 issues) Very enjoyable, I actually forgot I was reading a flashback for about half the book!
    Chew Deluxe 1-6: (60 issues) A lot of fun, although it petered out a little towards the end.
    Men of Wrath Deluxe: (5 issues) Blew through it, a brilliant read.
    Batman Flashpoint TP: (6 issues) enjoyed the Batman story, but skipped most of the others.

    Total for month: 138 issues
    Total for year: 864 issues
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    To Read:
    American Vampire Omnibus
    Batman Incorporated TP 1-3
    Batman and Robin HC 4-7
    Bone One Volume Edition

    Crime Noir Omnibus
    DMZ Deluxe 1-5

    East of West 1-2

    From Hell TP
    Invisibles Omnibus
    Izombie Omnibus

    Mind MGMT HC 1-6
    Monstress Deluxe 1
    Papergirls Deluxe 2

    Saga Deluxe 3
    Sandman Omnibus 1-3
    Sheriff of Babylon Deluxe
    Spaceman Deluxe

    Animal Man Deluxe 1
    Promethea deluxe 1
    Teen Titans Omnibus 3
    Teen Titans Omnibus by Johns
    The Boys TP 1-2
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    Hmm probably tapped out around 450 last year

    We need better comics

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