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    Avengers Stand off15
    Slightly above average but entertaining, except for the Howling commandos issue. That was just horrible. Also I always enjoy Daniel Acuna on art.
    Astonishing Ant-man18
    Really enjoyed this, these type of stories are where Spencer really thrives. B and C list f@#k ups with some good personal drama and fun interactions. Art is mostly consistent too.
    Thanos wins5
    Thought I should check out this Donny Cates guy and daaaaamn.... I never really gave a hoot about Thanos but this was a super fun read. Good art and the introduction of Cosmic Ghost rider, who on paper sounds like the worst idea ever but I just loved him in this!
    Cosmic ghost rider: Baby Thanos must die6
    Cates ups the ante and the crazy shenanigans, I don't want to spoil anything but this is the type of story that perfectly fits time travel and alternate timeline plots. It feels significant but can go all the way out there with its ideas.
    Can't wait for the sequel and wanna read more from this Cates guy.
    Black widow (Edmondson-Noto)18
    Heard really good things about this but it was just flat and muddy. Don't even know what the main bad guy wanted or why. I feel like Edmondson wanted to go for a low key, Greg Rucka type story but just didn't manage to write it as interesting as Rucke would.
    At least it was fast paced and Noto is always good on art.
    30 year old woman meets her 15 year old self. Questions of life decisions and sexuality arise.
    Really liked this one, kind of like a reverse take on A distant neighborhood with a heavy lesbian theme (denial of sexuality mostly, nothing graphic). Great art too.
    Kate Bishop Hawkeye (Kelly Thompson) 16
    Kate Bishop was my least favorite part of Fraction's Hawkeye (which I liked a lot) but Thompson makes her work in her own title. The art is not as interesting and innovative as Clint's series was but the writing is more consistent and less "in your face quirky" than Fraction's (whom I like).
    Shame it ended after 16 issues I could have read her more.
    This is so much better than it has any right to be.
    Kinda starts out very irritating then becomes very likable and kudos to Hastings for pushing the limits of the concept.
    Only thing I didn't like was all the fill in artists. This title needed a very specific art style to work and some of the other artists were not just bad but downright amateurish.
    All-new Wolverine 35
    Once again, inconsistent art ruins a great series. Should have stuck with David Lopez.
    Fast paced, great cast (Laura has her own tiny clone and a pet wolverine....and they are awesome) not very subtle but it's an action series about a stabby superhero so we get what we get.
    Laura should have stayed Wolverine.
    Re reading this because I loved it the first time a lot.
    Also loved it the second time. The new series (Mercy) can't come soon enough!

    That's 155 issues
    Total so far: 588

    Best of the batch: Cosmic Ghost rider and Sunstone

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    Here is my list for the year. I am on pace for 1000. Its been a lot of work but a lot of fun as well.

    Brave and the Bold - 54
    Gotham Central - 40
    Green Lantern -33
    Justice League - 73
    Amzing Spiderman - 53
    Daredevil - 75
    Superior Spiderman - 33
    West Coast Avengers - 26
    X - Force - 6

    Total - 393
    Favorite teams. Alpha Flight, Avengers, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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    Punisher Max Omnibus 2: (26 issues) This may be my favourite Ennis run, really enjoyed it.
    BPRD Hell On Earth HC 1-5: (80 issues approx.) I'd already read the first couple, but really enjoyed binging the whole thing.
    Walking Dead TP 31: (6 issues) The series has had its ups and downs, this volume was one of the most enjoyable in a while.

    Total for month: 112 issues
    Total for year: 775 issues

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    Yep I said at the beginning of the year..All hell has broken loose I'm my life and my reading has massively dropped...but this is for me and what little I read entertains me and gets me through so I guess that s what really matters...

    Green Arrow (Vol. 2) (1987) # ' s 21 - 38 (18 issues)

    Doomsday Clock # 9 : wow this book kust kicked up into high gear. Pretty much the whole DCU was here and you get references to classic DC continuity. Frank's art is amazing as ever as well.

    Young Justice (Vol. 2) (2019) #' s 3 - 5 (3 issues)

    Justice League (Vol. 4) (2018) # 19- 23 (5 issues)

    Moon Knight (Vol. 6) (2014) # 1 - 12 (12 issues)

    STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN (2017) #'s 1 - 5 (5 issues) this was a great take in the TNG crew through their mirror universe counterparts. The Tipton s really captured the characters voices and Woodward art was amazing. This books made wish that the mirror universe had showed on the series itself.

    The Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight # 1:

    Snyder and Tynion iv and edward rizzo are on fire here! Channelling their best works mixed with Frank miller s 100 bullets and sin city ! All this and I haven't even read the Batman who laughs mini yet!

    Batman and the signal (2018) # 1 - 3 (3 issues)

    Justice League Dark (Vol. 2) (2018) # 5

    Batman (Vol 3) (2016) #'s 33 - 57, DC Nation # 0 & annual 2 (27 issues)

    Thor (Vol 2) (1998) # 1 (2 issues)

    Suicide Squad :Rebirth (2016) # 1 Suicide Squad (Vol. 5) (2016) # 1( 2 issues)

    Babyteeth #'s 1- 14 (14 issues) : wow Donny Cates is becoming one of my favourite writers with his dark /horror style here and in Venom and I can't get enough!

    Major X (2019) # 1
    Cloak and Dagger #18, Spider-Man #17

    Avengers No Road Home # 1 - 10 (10 issues)

    DC Year Of The Villain (2019) # 1
    DCEASED # 1
    Savage Avengers # 1

    Thor (1966) # 337 - 341 (5 ssues)

    Bullets and Bracelets (1996) # 1
    NORTHLANDERS (2008) # s 1 - 3 ( 3 issues)

    Legends of the Dark Claw (1996) # 1
    Heroes in Crisis (2018) #'s 1 - 9 (9 issues)

    Total Issues for this month: 128

    Total issues for the Year so far : 277
    And then there were none...

    Custom Binding Thread: http://community.comicbookresources....0645aadbab2369

    The All Purpose Metal Thread : http://community.comicbookresources....5299bbaefeffe8

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    May update...
    January-April total: 416 (see post on page 1 for details)


    Spidey #1-12 (Marvel; 2015-16)
    Nightmare World Vol. 4: The Mourning After (120 pp. Devil's Due; 2014/2017
    Criminal Vol. 4:Bad Night (including #4-7; ICON/Image; 2008)
    Gideon Falls #7-12 (Image; 2018-2019)
    Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 (Marvel; 1968)
    Criminal Vol. 5: The Sinners (collects Criminal: The Sinners #1-5; ICON/Image; 2009-2010)
    Criminal: Last of the Innocent #1-4 (Marvel/ICON; 2011)
    Black Hammer #1-13, GS Annual #1 (Dark Horse; 2016-2017)
    Criminal Special Edition (a.k.a. Savage Sword of Criminal) #1 (Image; 2015)
    Criminal Tenth Anniversary Special (a.k.a. Deadly Hand of Criminal) #1 (Image; 2016)
    My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies OGN (72 pp; Image; 2018)
    Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1-4 (Dark Horse; 2017-2018)
    Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows #1-4 (Dark Horse; 2018)
    Saga Vol. 1 (including #1-6; Image; 2012)
    Saga Vol. 2 (including #7-12; Image; 2012-2013)
    Saga Vol. 3 (including #13-18; Image; 2013-2014)
    Saga Vol. 4 (including #19-24; Image; 2014)
    Saga Vol. 5 (including #25-30; Image; 2015)
    Saga Vol. 6 (including #31-36; Image; 2015-2016)
    Saga Vol. 7 (including #37-42; Image; 2016-2017)
    Saga Vol. 8 (including #43-48; Image; 2017)
    Saga Vol. 9 (including #49-54; Image; 2018)
    The Spirit Book One (includes The Spirit #1-6, Batman The Spirit #1; DC; 2007)
    The Spirit Book Two (includes The Spirit #7-13; DC; 2007-2008)
    Alexandro Jodorowsky's Screaming Planet (124 pp; included material from Metal Hurlant 134-140, 143, 145 Metal Hurlant American edition 11; 2002-2004)
    The Spirit Book Three (includes the Spirit #14-20; DC; 2008)
    X-Men: Grand Design #1-2 (48 pp each; Marvel; 2017)

    May total:equivalent of 150 issues

    so 566 YTD

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    A much better month, albeit it still slow. I came out as trans this month and my family has not been great, plus other issues going along with it, so I've been floating through it to be honest. As a result, I'm actually struggling to enjoy reading because I can't relax. It makes me very sad because reading is such an important part of my life. I hope this changes, I want my passion for books back!

    Comics - 275/1000
    Books - 16/30

    This Month

    Comics - 69
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V3 - 33
    • Y: The Last Man Deluxe V1 - 10
    • Y: The Last Man Deluxe V2 - 13
    • Y: The Last Man Deluxe V3 - 13

    Books - 4
    • Diablo: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls
    • Diablo: Morbed
    • Crimson Empire: A Crown for Cold Silver
    • Gerritsen: Under the Knife


    Comics - 275
    January: 116
    February: 13
    March: 40
    April: 37
    May: 69

    Books - 16
    January: 9
    February: 2
    March: 1
    April: 0
    May: 4

    Complete Reading Record 2019

    • IDW TMNT V4
    • IDW TMNT V5
    • IDW TMNT V6
    • IDW TMNT V7
    • Winterworld/Wintersea
    • Pokemon Adventures V1
    • Pokemon Adventures V2
    • Pokemon Adventures V3
    • Pokemon Adventures V4
    • Pokemon Adventures V5
    • Batman: Sword of Azrael
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V1
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V2
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V3
    • Y: The Last Man DE V1
    • Y: The Last Man DE V2
    • Y: The Last Man DE V3

    • JB: From Russia with Love
    • JB: Forever and a Day
    • JB: Trigger Mortis
    • Diablo: Legacy of Blood
    • Diablo: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls
    • Diablo: Morbed
    • Gerritsen: Call After Midnight
    • Gerritsen: Under the Knife
    • Fingersmith
    • Morse: Last Seen Wearing
    • Doctor Who: The Good Doctor
    • Doctor Who: Molten Heart
    • Doctor Who: Combat Magicks
    • Drenai: The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
    • Crimson Empire: A Crown for Cold Silver
    • Gotham: City of Monsters
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    "Live a poem... or die a fool!"

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    May - 151 Books
    • Die #1 (1)
    • Daredevil (2019-) #5 (1) - Zdarsky's doing a really great job here.
    • Black Magick Volume 1: The Awakening (5)
    • Black Magick Volume 2: The Awakening II (6) - Rowan's a great protagonist and I'm looking forward to wherever Rucka & Scott take us next.
    • Immortal Iron Fist Volume 1: The Last Iron Fist Story (6)
    • Immortal Iron Fist Volume 2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (9)
    • Immortal Iron Fist Volume 3: Book of the Iron Fist (7)
    • Immortal Iron Fist: The Complete Collection Volume 2 (18)
    • Iron Fist Volume 1: Trial of the Seven Masters (5)
    • Iron Fist Volume 2: Sabretooth - Round 2 (7)
    • The Wild Storm Volume 1 (8)
    • The Wild Storm Volume 2 (7)
    • The Dead Hand Volume 1: Cold War Relics (7)
    • Morning Glories Volume 6: Demerits (6)
    • Morning Glories Volume 7: Honors (5)
    • Morning Glories Volume 8: Assembly (5)
    • Morning Glories Volume 9 (5)
    • Morning Glories Volume 10: Expulsion (7)
    • Aquaman Volume 5: The Crown Comes Down (5)
    • Wonder Woman (2016-) #58-59 (2)
    • Batman: Hush (13)
    • Hawkman (2018-) #1-10 (10) - I never expected to like a Hawkman series this much but here we are. Venditti does a great job reconciling Hawkman's various origins and Hitch's art is great. My only wish would be for Hawkgirl to show up.
    • Batman: Detective Comics Volume 8: On the Outside (6) - Great set-up for Batman & the Outsiders.

    Best Of: Immortal Iron Fist, Iron Fist & Hawkman were all great.

    May Total: 151 Books

    Year Total: 783 Books

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    Here are my reads for May 2019.

    Amazing Spider-Man Vol.5 #16.HU (1)
    Batman TMNT III #1 (1)
    Bone Parish #9 (1)
    Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine (1) (Aaron Omnibus)
    Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3 (1) (Aaron Omnibus)
    DCeased #1 (1)
    Deadpool #10-12 (3)
    Dial H For Hero #1 (1)
    Eve Stranger #1 (1)
    Faithless #2 (1)
    Farmhand #6-8 (3)
    FCBD 2019 Grumble vs The Goon (1)
    Flash #70 (1)
    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 (1)
    Horror Comics #1 (1)
    Hulkverines #3 (1)
    Major X #1 (1)
    Man Without Fear Death of Daredevil #1-5 (5)
    Metalshark Bro! #1 (1)
    Miles Morales Spider-Man #5-6 (2)
    Murder Falcon #5-6 (2)
    Naomi #1-5 (5)
    Punchline #1-5 (5)
    Savage Avengers #1 (1)
    Spider-Man City at War #1 (1)
    Spider-Man Life Story #3 (1)
    Terminator Sector War #4 (1)
    The Beauty #1 (1)
    The Immortal Hulk #16 (1)
    The Magic Order #2-6 (5)
    Venom #11 (1)
    Wolverine #56, 62-65, 73-74 (7) (Aaron Omnibus)
    Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1-4 (4) (Aaron Omnibus)
    Wolverine: Weapon X #1-5 (5) (Aaron Omnibus)
    X-23 #12 (1)
    Y The Last Man #36-45 (10)

    Total May 2019: 80

    January: 67
    February: 51
    March: 41
    April: 54
    May: 80

    Total 2019: 293 (On pace for 766)

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    Last readings:

    Single Issues:

    Amazing Spider-Man:20(HU),20,21,22. (2019) (4)
    Symbiote Spider-Man:2
    Marvels Annotated#3(5)

    Collected Editions:

    Marvel Knights:Spider-Man Vol.2 (Hardcover)(6)
    Marvels:Eye of the Camera (Hardcover) (6)
    Tintin in Tibet (TPB) (3)


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    I haven't been recording comics I've read this year, and the summer seems a good opportunity to change that. My goal is 1,000 comics/ 50 graphic novels (defined loosely as OGNs or collections of material that aren't complete issues.)

    Thor Annual #6: A generic bronze age adventure notable as a prelude to the Avengers Korvac Saga.

    Avengers #167-168, 170-177: One of the highlights of the Avengers and bronze age Marvel. It starts out as decent material (art by Perez, dysfunctional superheroes) that combines a cosmic threat with the mundane challenges of bureaucracy (as Gyrich strips the Avengers of their A-1 status) with tremendous final twists.

    Avengers Annual #7/ Marvel Two in One Annual #2: From the same Marvel Masterworks volume as the Korvac Saga. This is the showdown with Thanos that had a tremendous influence on the MCU, and tied up the Warlock saga, while still providing satisfying action for people who are interested in the bigger Marvel mainstays.

    Heroes in Crisis #1-9: The controversial event book has some good ideas and psychological depth, but the characters end up being too sprawling for what should be a smaller story.

    Wolverine #170-172: One of the most recent additions to the Digital Unlimited series is a bland Wolverine in Canada story, not elevated by one of the more pointless 'Nuff Said issues (from Marvel's silent month.)

    Hulk Nightmerica #1-6: Nice painted art in a 1970s style story of Bruce Banner wandering into weird stuff in post-9/11 America. Not revolutionary, but solid.

    Ultimate Origins #1-5: This mini-series reveals some of the big secrets of the Ultimate U. The central twists are satisfying, although some of the side stories not so much (Peter Parker's connection to the Hulk.)

    JSA #1-5/ Secret Files: Solid reintroduction to the Justice Society, influenced by co-writer James Robinson's nostalgia for the American past. Sets up an interesting status quo for when Johns takes over.

    The 'Nam #52-53: This Frank Castle in 'Nam story is a satisfying showdown between opposing snipers, although it doesn't provide a sense of what kind of title the book usually is (Is it a war anthology? Are there any recurring characters?)

    The Magic Order #1-6: Millar's R-rated take on magic is fun, with beautiful art by Coipel. There is a throughline with some characters to care about, although many of the rest just blend into the woodwork.

    Pax Romana #1-4: Hickman's follow-up to The Nightly News is a great take on alternate history with a lot of high concepts, and interesting clashes of ideas and bullets between people in a position to change everything.

    BRPD 1946 #1-5: Creepy prelude to Hellboy, in an interesting setting (Germany after World War 2 when the results of weird experiments are on the loose) but with some relatively bland protagonists.

    Sojourn Prelude/ #1-24: Beautifully illustrated fantasy saga (Greg Land at his peak worked quite well in this genre). Has decent protagonists, a nasty villain, a compelling central mystery, a decently constructed mystery and some depth.

    Total So Far: 83 single issues, 0 graphic novels

    Best of the batch: Pax Romana. It's a great example of comics as a medium for exploring ideas.
    Thomas Mets

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    2019 Week 22

    Gunslinger Girl 5-8 (180 pages, 32 issues)

    Total for the week: 32
    Total for the year: 1265

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    2019 Week 23

    Gunnm Last Order 5 (336 pages, 15 issues)
    3x3 Eyes 1 (400 pages, 18 issues)

    Total for the week: 33
    Total for the year: 1298

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    January: 261
    February: 59
    March: 54
    April: 105
    May: 138

    BPRD Hell on earth 5 (15)
    Blue estate deluxe (12)
    PTSD (9)
    Harrow County Library Edition 2 (8)

    Total: 661
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    New Zealand


    Amount of comics read this year : 0

    Decided I'd get back into comics after a while away, check out the new storylines and what my previous favourite creators were up to. Apparently Hickman is doing X-men now?

    Don't know if I'll hit 1000, mostly because there is only about 200 new books I've found that I want to read, but when people mention Pax Romana I'm always keen for a re-read. So will see what happens, a Hickman re-read could be a goer.

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    Last Readings:

    Amazing Spider-Man#101.
    Spider-Man by David Michelinie & Erik Larsen Omnibus. (37)
    Uncanny X-Force#1-19 (19)
    Symbiote Spider-Man#3.
    Amazing Spider-Man#23 (2019)
    The Incredible Hulk.Last Call.
    Black Cat#1 (2019)


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