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    2019 Week 13

    To Love Ru 4-9 (192 pages, 54 issues)
    Captain Harlock Dimension Voyage 6 (144 pages, 6 issues)
    Yotsuba 8 (208 pages, 10 issues)

    Total for the week: 70
    Total for the year: 940
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    Archie Varsity edition v1 12
    More cartoony than I've expected but it's a lot of fun and even if some of the elements are forced (like Veronica's dead is just so 2bit evil that it kinda takes away from the character) it still managed to hook me and I'm in for the ride and want to know what happens in this bubble gum flavoured high school drama.
    Darkseid War saga omnibus 19
    Reading this and honestly most of DC's output from the last 8 years is like an energy drink. I know it's bad for me but sometimes I just crave a can to keep me moving. This has everything I hated about the n52 but Johns still knows how to write a super convoluted superhero story with lots of moving parts that will entertain you for a while. Dumb fun but it was fun.
    American Vampire omnibus v1 38
    Solid action horror series with fast pacing and good looking art but I'm not a fan of Albuquerque's storytelling in this. Lots of posing and posturing, very reminiscent of superhero comics which killed the horror vibe for me. The story is good enough tho to make me want to read more and Albuquerque is not a bad artist by any means, I actually really like his style but every time someone else took over I enjoyed the whole thing much more. Except for the side stories, I could have done without those.
    Avengers by Jonathan Hickman omnibus v1-2 + Secret Wars 92
    I had no intention reading this until I've found the first omnibus in Forbidden Planet and though "eh why not, I can just sell it for a profit if I don't like it".
    Well, that won't be happening.
    I was reading it almost up till Infinity when it was coming out but this series should not be read in monthly instalments! It's so big and intricate, it's very easy to loose track of all the big ideas and moving parts but I didn't mind that. Just the sheer scope of the story and the fact that the whole series is one big epic to end all epics was amazing to me.
    Yes, Hickman loves his charts and grand ideas and handles character as a secondary aspect but I would argue he still manages to weave a lot of personality into this.
    I can understand if this is not the type of story some people are looking for but to me this is probably the best Avengers story I've ever read (but to be fair I generally don't care much for the Avengers in the comics, just like I don't care for the JLA too much, except for these select few titles).
    Only thing I genuinely disliked is Mike Deodato's art. My brain was screaming at every panel, I really really hate anything he puts out.
    That's 161 issues

    Total so far: 433 issues

    Best of the batch: Hickvengers, especially the New Avengers arc when they fight the Justice League type team from another reality and the scene where Cap sends Thor to negotiate with the Builders.

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    March: (172 Books)
    Die #1 (1)
    X-Men: Red #1-11, Annual #1 (13) - One of my favorite X-Men books in a long time. The Jean Grey/Storm friendship was great and seeing Cassandra Nova again was really cool.
    Uncanny X-Men (2019-) #13 (1)
    Batman: Year One (5)
    Batman: The Long Halloween (16)
    Batman: Dark Victory (16)
    Batgirl/Robin: Year One (19) - Classic.
    Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer Volume 1: Back to Basics (6)
    Amazing Spider-Man (2018-) #6-16, #16.HU (13) - Pretty good. My favorite arc was probably the "Thieves Guild" one.
    Detective Comics #1000 (5)
    Champions (2019-) #1-3 (3)
    Daredevil (2019-) #1-2 (3) - Really enjoying this relaunch.
    Aquaman (2016-) Volume 1: The Drowning (7)
    Aquaman (2016-) Volume 2: Black Manta Rising (9)
    Aquaman (2016-) Volume 3: Crown of Atlantis (9) - Really liked the "Deadwater" arc.
    Aquaman (2016-) Volume 4: Underworld Part One (7) - Sejic's art really elevates the title. Atlantis looks like an actual other world and Abnett's saga really hits its stride here.
    Mister Miracle (12) - Took me a bit to get into, but it was really great once I did. I hate King's Batman, but I do tend to enjoy his limited stuff.
    Nightwing (1996-2009) Volume 1: Bludhaven (13) - Didn't expect to like this as much as I did; the dichotomy between Bludhaven and Gotham was cool and I liked Dick more than I usually do.
    The Flash: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (14)

    Best Of: Batgirl/Robin: Year One

    February Total - 172 Books

    2019 Total - 466 Books

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamianWayne1 View Post
    March: (172 Books)

    Batgirl/Robin: Year One (19) - Classic.

    Best Of: Batgirl/Robin: Year One
    Always good to see some love for these 2.

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    The March through March has ended. Here's what I've read over the last month or so:

    68-71. Justice League International 8-11---- Actually made me curious about the Millenium event way back when. I've only ever read a handful or ties-ins. Anyone out there ever read this 32 year old event?

    72. Robin 46--- Random Robin issue I picked up for the Ringo cover.

    73. Incredible Hulk 222---- A classic one and done story. Nearly perfect. I loved it.

    74. Amazing Spiderman 16(LGY 817)

    75. Amazing Spiderman 16.H

    76. Amazing Spiderman 17(LGY 818)

    77. Avengers 16(LGY 706)

    78. Avengers 17(LGY 707)

    79-82 Avengers No Road Home 3-6 CONAN!

    83-84 Doctor Strange 10-11 (LGY400-401)--- This title just gets stronger and stronger. Especially now that Waid's dumb narration style from the first arc is gone.

    85.Doomsday Clock 9

    86. Green Lanters 3

    87. Guardians of the Galaxy 3(LGY 153)

    88. Immortal Hulk 14-15

    89. Invaders 2

    90.Superior Spiderman 3(LGY 36)--- This book has no business being this entertaining.

    91.Thor 9

    92. Life Story of Spiderman 1---- Chip Zdarsky's Spiderman might be my favorite version in decades.

    93-96. Flash 60-63

    97. Batman 64

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    My first update of the year, but ive been keeping tabs!

    Comics Read in 2019

    Jan-March = 223

    A Walk Through Hell #1-8
    Action Comics #1001
    American Carnage #3-4
    Assassin Nation #1
    Avengers #1-2
    Batman #25-49, Annual #2
    Black Panther #1
    Black Widow #1-2
    Catwoman #6-8
    Champions #19-20
    Conan the Barbarian #1-4
    Daredevil #1-2
    Dark Red #1
    Deadpool #8-9
    Die Die Die #6-8
    Domino #10
    Exiles #10-12
    Freedom Fighters #1
    Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man #1 -2
    Gantz Omnibus Vol.1 (662 pages = 33 issues)
    Goddess Mode #1-3
    Gunning For Hits #1-2
    Hardcore #1-3
    Harley Quinn #56-59
    Hawkman #8-9
    High Level #1
    The Hunt for Wolverine #1
    The Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1
    The Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer #1
    The Hunt for Wolverine: The Mystery in Madripoor #1
    The Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1
    Infinite Dark #3
    Invaders 1
    Invisible Kingdom #1
    Judge Dredd Case Files Vol.1 (300 pages = 15 issues)
    Justice League #1-2
    Justice League Dark #7-8
    Justice League Odyssey 3
    Kill or be Killed #1-20
    The Last Siege #1-8
    Murder Falcon #3
    Naomi #1
    Nemesis The Warlock Book 2 = 10 issues
    Oliver #1
    Peter Cannpn: Thunderbolt #1
    Savage Sword of Conan #1-2
    Self-Made #2-3
    Shazam! #3
    Spaceman #1-9
    Stronghold #1
    Supergirl #26-27
    Red Sonja #1
    Transformers #1-2
    Turok #1
    Uncanny X-Men #7-13
    Uncanny X-Men Annual #1
    Venom #1
    Witch Hammer (60 pages = 3 issues)
    X-23 #8-9
    X-Force #1-3

    Total = 223

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark-Flux View Post
    My first update of the year, but ive been keeping tabs!

    Comics Read in 2019

    Jan-March = 223

    Justice League #1-2
    Justice League Dark #7-8
    Justice League Odyssey 3
    Kill or be Killed #1-20
    The Last Siege #1-8
    Murder Falcon #3

    Total = 223
    What did you think of it? It's my all-time favorite series, it's awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoked Ham View Post
    Fables Deluxe 1-9 (82) I skipped over all of the side stories.
    Nausica Deluxe chapter 1
    Lazarus Rise (or was it Risen?) 1
    Fables Deluxe 1-12(skipped 11 Jackass of Fables stuff) 100
    Nausicaa Deluxe chapter 1
    Lazarus Risen 1
    Mind MGMT Deluxe 19


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    January: 261
    February: 59
    March: 54

    Before Watchmen omnibus (38)
    Nausicaš of the valey of the wind (50)
    Divinity the complete trilogy (17)

    Total: 479
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    B.P.R.D. Hell on earth 147 (apparently this was 147 issues in 5 hcs? Felt like half of it)
    Amazing series. Plague of frogs started out slow but got really going by the end and this one picks up the pace right away and doesn't stop escalating it. Really engaging and sometimes very depressing but in a good way. Instead of the horrible Hellboy movie we just got, they should have made this a tv series.
    On a Sunbeam 8 (let's say it's 8 issues worth)
    Very imaginative and great looking indie gn about starcrossed lovers (literally) and a crew of a spaceship (which is a giant gold fish) who go around the galaxy fixing giant buildings that float in space.
    Also it's very LGBTQ friendly, every character is a woman or identifies as one (but it's not obnoxious, especially that I just watched an episode of the Chilling adventures of Sabrina dealing with the same thing, and that went horribly wrong).
    I felt like the end lost a bit of steam compared to the first half but it's still a good story and if someone is looking for a good indie book this should be on their radar.
    Sheets 5 (probably)
    This GN got a lot of hype lately and everyone claimed they broke down crying at the end. It's a lovely story, the art is great but I didn't really feel that strong of an emotional connection. And I'm not above shedding a tear (Silver surfer got me bawling like a baby or any of the How to train your dragon movies). Also it might be the case that I've just read Mister Miracle and watched Ricky Gervais' After life and all of these deal with death and life and all that so I think I kinda have a bit of an overload of the subject.
    Good book regardless, worth reading.
    Irredeemable 39
    Probably the best exercise in the "what if Superman goes bad" subgenre. Waid obviously loves the character so he knows the perfect way to break him down. Although he is just as good with the other characters, especially Qubit who is the real protagonist of the book.
    To me this is probably the best thing Waid ever done (yes, better than Tower of babel by miles or even maybe Kingdom come). The ending is just absolutely perfect, but all throughout there are so many memorable moments (the way he handles the sort of Batman-esque character is just delightfully cruel and devastating, so is the Plutonian's true origin).
    Big guy and rusty the boy robot 2 (felt like 5 though)
    Mind blowing art and a waste of a story. It's just 2 issues of fighting with loads of unnecessary captions and Miller even manages to be low key offensive to Japan (basically Rusty being useless and pathetic and the most heroic thing any Japanese can do is make a worthless self sacrifice or as a last act of heroism, call in the Americans who can finally save the day).
    Absolute garbage story but Darrow's art makes it worth at least looking at it (like seriously, the amount of detail and the level of storytelling is astonishing)

    that's 201 issues
    Total: 634

    Best of the batch: B.P.R.D., mainly the part when they go to New York and Irredeemable

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    Here is my list for the year so far. Staying strong on my goal to read 2 a day. I see on here how some of you have 70 or more in a week. man I dont know how you do it lol. Any way here is my list.

    Brave and the Bold - 53
    Gotham Central - 40
    Green Lantern -33
    Justice League - 20
    Amazing Spiderman - 50
    Daredevil - 50
    West Coast Avengers - 26
    X - Force - 6

    Total - 278
    Favorite teams. Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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    Star Wars Omnibus: (47 issues) I enjoy Aaron's writing and this was decent, but the whole thing just felt redundant in a way the Darth Vader omnibus didn't. I knew Luke wasn't going to receive any Jedi training, that a captured character would be rescued, etc.
    Conan Chronicles 1-2 by Busiek: (40 issues) Really happy to finally own this as, like many people, I missed out on the Dark Horse volumes.
    Punisher Max Omnibus 2: 12 issues in and it's a great read. Ennis' fixation with male genital mutilation is getting a bit repetitive though.

    Total for month: 99 issues
    Total for year: 663 issues

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    Another slow month... I'm doing so many hours in the lab, plus a D2 tournament (which has taken 15.5 hours), means that my reading time is very limited. Hopefully that will pick up though. Although I still have a Pint of Science presentation and another public engagement thing to get done outside of work, so maybe not... Anyway, books!

    Comics - 206/1000
    Books - 12/30

    This Month

    Comics - 37
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V1 - 37

    Books - 0


    Comics - 206
    January: 116
    February: 13
    March: 40
    April: 37

    Books - 12
    January: 9
    February: 2
    March: 1
    April: 0

    Complete Reading Record 2019

    • IDW TMNT V4
    • IDW TMNT V5
    • IDW TMNT V6
    • IDW TMNT V7
    • Winterworld/Wintersea
    • Pokemon Adventures V1
    • Pokemon Adventures V2
    • Pokemon Adventures V3
    • Pokemon Adventures V4
    • Pokemon Adventures V5
    • Batman: Sword of Azrael
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V1
    • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus V2

    • JB: From Russia with Love
    • JB: Forever and a Day
    • JB: Trigger Mortis
    • Diablo: Legacy of Blood
    • Gerritsen: Call After Midnight
    • Fingersmith
    • Morse: Last Seen Wearing
    • Doctor Who: The Good Doctor
    • Doctor Who: Molten Heart
    • Doctor Who: Combat Magicks
    • Drenai: The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend
    • Gotham: City of Monsters[/QUOTE]
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    My lists of books read is back in my initial post on page 1, but totals so far

    Jan: 159
    March: 78
    April: 71

    YTD: 416

    Comic fans get the comics their buying habits deserve.

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    Fables Deluxe 11-15 = 50
    Alita Deluxe 1-6 = 65
    Mind MGMT 4-6 = 18
    How to Talk to Girls at Parties = 3
    Saga Deluxe 1 = 18



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