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    Default Mr & Mrs X: Gambit and Rogue Appreciation 2019

    Welcome to the Gambit and Rogue appreciation thread for 2019.

    In 2018, Gambit and Rogue survived an island of golems, got married, went to space, and hosted a party. What will 2019 hold for them? Let's discuss it here!


    - Gambit LS (1993)
    - Rogue LS (1995)
    - Rogue (2004)
    - Gambit (1999, 2004, 2012)
    - Rogue & Gambit (2017)
    - Mr & Mrs X (2018)


    - Uncanny X-Men #278-279: Gambit and Rogue meet for the first time.
    - X-Men #3: Gambit flirts with Rogue for the first time.
    - X-Men #4: Gambit and Rogue's official first date, abruptly ended by Omega Red.
    - X-Men #8: The boysenberry pie incident.
    - Uncanny X-Men #297: Gambit proves he is serious with a blanket on a rooftop.
    - X-Men #24: Gambit and Rogue's first non-disastrous date.
    - X-Men #30: Jean and Scott's wedding. Gambit catches the garter and Rogue catches the bouquet.
    - X-Men #41: Gambit and Rogue's first kiss as reality ends.
    - X-Men #45: Gambit catches up with a runaway Rogue only to have her break his heart.
    - Uncanny X-Men #348: Gambit and Rogue's first time. In a cave. Yep.
    - Uncanny X-Men #350: The Trial of Gambit in Antarctica.
    - X-Men #81: Gambit and Rogue reunite after Antarctica.
    - X-Treme X-Men #16-18: Vargas stabs Gambit and Rogue through the heart, and Rogue brings Gambit back from heaven.
    - X-Treme X-Men X-Pose #2: Gambit and Rogue move to Valle Soleada.
    - X-Treme X-Men #31: Gambit and Rogue's lives in Valle Soleada.
    - X-Men Legacy #224: Rogue gains control of her powers, and is happy to test them out on Gambit.
    - Astonishing X-Men #4: Gambit and Rogue enjoy hot-tub time in the Shadow King's realities.
    - X-Men Wedding Special #1: Rogue talks to Kitty about her renewed feelings for Gambit.
    - X-Men Gold #30: Gambit and Rogue get married.
    - Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1: Gambit and Rogue face off against their cat in a battle of pills.


    - Kelly Thompson's Tumblr
    - Top Five Greatest Gambit and Rogue Moments (CBR)
    - Bon Temps Podcast


    - Mr and Mrs X #7 (1/2)
    Review and recap thread:
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