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    Default Polaris: Lorna Dane Appreciation 2019

    Welcome, to Lorna Dane AKA Polaris' appreciation thread! This is Lorna's third appreciation thread, with the previous two being closed.

    Name: Lorna Sally Dane
    Debut: X-Men #49 (October 1968)
    Powers: Electromagnetic Manipulation

    Brief Overview: Polaris is the second female X-Man, and has served a number of years with X-Factor, X-Men, and has co-lead the Starjammers for a brief tenure. Lorna's powers manifested at an extremely early age, and resulted in her taking down the plane she, her Mother, and Stepfather were in; killing her Mother and Stepfather. Found by Magneto, his associate, the mutant Mastermind blocked those memories of what transpired. She was later adopted by the Danes, and remained with them until a chance encounter with the X-Man Iceman, lead her to eventually joining the X-Men. She stayed with the X-Men until after their mission with the Mutant Island Krakoa, and later left to work towards a degree in Geophysics. Staying in New Mexico, Polaris eventually fell prey to Sinister's Marauders, where the mutant known as Malice eventually possessed her. While under Malice's control, Lorna was forced to lead the Marauders for a brief time and fought against the X-Men, before finally being freed by her supposed sister, Zaladane. After breaking free of Malice's influence, Lorna briefly lost her magnetic powers, and gained temporary strength powers, before eventually regaining her magnetic abilities. After the events of the Muir Island Saga, Lorna was asked to join a revamped X-Factor, and was a member there until they disbanded after Havok's supposed death.

    She eventually reunited with the X-Men during the Twelve saga, where she eventually joined forces with Magneto, the man long speculated to be her father, and then accompanied him to the Island of Genosha. There he utilized Lorna's own mutant powers, because his had begun to fade, and trained her in how to better use them. Lorna was present when Genosha was destroyed, and was one of the few survivors later found by the X-Men.

    Rejoining the X-Men, Polaris was reunited with her on-again, off-again, boyfriend Alex Summers (Havok), and quickly asked him to marry her. After leaving her at the alter, Polaris assaults the Wedding Party, before eventfully being stopped by Juggernaut. While receiving psychiatric help from Xavier, it was revealed that while on Genosha, Lorna had discovered that Magneto was her father. After the House of M story line, Lorna once again lost her powers, but after being taken by Apocalypse and forced to become his Horsemen known as Pestilence, Polaris' X-gene was restored.

    Joining the X-Men in space, in an attempt to restore Lilandra to the Shi'ar throne, Lorna eventually decided to stay behind, and co-lead the Starjammers. Where they attempted to stop Alex's brother Vulcan, who had taken command of the Shi'ar Empire. Soon after the events of War of Kings, Polaris, Havok, Korvus, and Rachel Summers, found themselves lost in space. A team lead by Rogue rescued them, and took them back to earth, and upon returning, Lorna soon rejoined X-Factor, now lead by former teammate Multiple Man. From there Polaris lead her own incarnation of the team briefly, before reuniting with her father Magneto, and later assisting him with watching over the time displaced original X-Men.

    Uncanny X-Men's Spotlight:

    Other Media:

    The Gifted. Currently in its second season, The Gifted is an X-Men based TV show, where Lorna has made her live action debut. Portrayed by Emma Dumont, Polaris was recruited to lead the Mutant Underground, before leaving to join the Inner Circle.

    Wolverine and The X-Men.

    Summary from Wikipedia:

    Polaris appears in the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men, voiced by Liza del Mundo. She had a very close relationship with her father on Genosha. In the future during the episode "Badlands", Polaris was the sole survivor after Genosha was destroyed thanks to Magneto's last-minute attempt to save her. In the present, she forms a brief attraction to Gambit when he tries to steal Magneto's helmet as part of a larger plot, though he later ends their relationship, causing her to angrily leave him stranded out at sea (causing Gambit to remark that she has her father's power and her sister's temper). In the episode "Foresight" Pt. 3, her future self assists in the X-Men's fight against Master Mold, but Master Mold proves too powerful for them to defeat. However, in light of the X-Men in the past's intervention, the Sentinel-run world is avoided. Back in the present Polaris later turns her back on her father and watches him get banished as Scarlet Witch has Blink teleport Magneto and Quicksilver away.
    X-Men: The Animated series

    Summary from Wikipedia:

    Polaris appears in the animated television series X-Men, voiced by Terri Hawkes. In the episode "Cold Comfort", she is a member of X-Factor. Polaris had been a member of the X-Men alongside her boyfriend Iceman, though they eventually left to pursue a normal life. However, Polaris left Iceman and became a member of X-Factor and fell in love with Havok. She returns in the final season to help battle the Phalanx. Polaris also makes a brief cameo during the two-part episode "Sanctuary".

    Previous Appreciation Threads:
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