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    Quote Originally Posted by nj06 View Post
    Was it stated that the Lion Cult actually worshiped Morlun? I just figured they knew about his ability to devour totems and used their magic to resurrect him and then have him attack Wakanda.
    They said they were going to uncage the lion... then Morlun showed up. We can MAYBE not interpret that literally. Maybe they just wanted to summon Morlun first, and uncage the lion AFTER Morlun does his thing. But it's not terribly clear if that's the case.

    Again, maybe Hudlin was intentionally being unclear so if later writers didn't want to follow suit, it can easily be ignored. The picture on the floor where the Lion Cult sort of looked like Morlun. Or at least more like Morlun than it did Hathor.
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    I've learned to love this version of Hunter lol
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