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    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
    Yeah Ive always seen Ororo more as the big sister
    Me too, I always saw Ororo above so much drama. Much more mature than most of the main cast. She is also taller and probably a bit older than Jean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatson View Post
    I always saw Jean as the big sister. Maybe it was because of how she was the one who was getting Ororo accustomed to America.

    the scene where Ororo was naked and Jean was like "Woah ororo we wear clothes here."
    Or the story in visionaries where storm lashed out at her like a little sister would when she thought jean read her thoughts but it turned out her fear of the subway was so strong it was just surface stuff. Jean later on holds her hand and they walk into the subway together.
    Even in X-men Red when Storm was like i got this go save your daughter.

    But i can see it both ways. It's what i always loved about them. It's a truly mutual love.
    Oh, I can see that too. Storm was like the new girl at first.

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    To me they're in an equal sisterhood

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