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I think with Into the Spider-Verse it could go both ways.

Miles is now more popular then ever thanks to ITSV, so on that level alone it would make sense to introduce him into the MCU, but at the same time the ITSV film is his film where he's the main, leading, character and headlining what looks to be becoming it's own franchise at this point. Something that would probably not be true if he were to be introduced into the MCU as things currently stand.

So I think there is less of an incentive to include him in the MCU then there would have been without Into the Spider-Verse. But that's just my take on it.
True, that might be the case; but with all the constant fan demand to have him appear in the MCU, the planting of Easter eggs alluding to his appearance, and how Tom Holland gets all excited and almost can't keep his mouth shut every time some journalist asks about the possibly of Peter and Miles teaming up in a movie, I can't help but feel its inevitable.

But you're right, with the runaway success of Spider-Verse, Sony may want to postpone that inevitability. Really though I think it ultimately comes down to what Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are able to hash out when its time to renew their Spider-Man MCU deal.